Glue Prank!

by Rosalina
(Pago Pago)

Well, there's this girl at school, she is so annoying and she was trying to steal my friends away from me yesterday.

She keeps laughing at me when I make a mistake! So i decided upon myself I will give her some of my own tricks, of my own pranks.

Today before school started, and before she was here, my plan started. I took out my glue, and looked around to see if anyone is watching me, and nobody was there.

So I went to my teacher and asked if I could help straighten the room since he is not inside by then, he said yes.

I went inside the classroom and glued all over her chair and her desk, and most of her books, an hour later she arrived and she sat on her desk.

When breakfast came by, she tried to stand up, her hair and her uniform was stuck in the chair, she cried help help my hair is stuck in the chair, everbody just laughed and laughed, it was so hilarious and embarrassing cause her crush was laughing too!

And guess what, the teacher laughed too! But in awhile he helped her up and some of her hair was stuck into the chair! He asked, "What happened?" and she told the story to him, our teacher asked everyone, "Who started the hilarious prank?"

..but nobody answered cause they never saw who did it (of course, it was me). I didn't tell him, then we had no free time, everybody was upset, but they actually truthfully said they enjoyed that prank!

..and about that girl, she said she is not talking to anyone unless we admit it! I said to her, "We are all sorry", but she didn't talk, and I said I was really upset, then I went outside and said to myself..... "YES!! finally that girl is gone!!!" but the bad news is.... she heard me!

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Apr 21, 2015
Got the double whammy NEW
by: Kim

I stuck on my white super stretchy denim skirt with my favorite wooden high heel sandals with thin pink straps and also tie up my ankles too. I go to school the thing I always do is talk to my girlfriends and I always lean on the same spot of the garbage can by the door and talk. It's time to go in my friends went in I bent over to grab my books. I started to walk into school not realizing I just sat down in a huge wad of pink bubblegum and it is stuck on my bum I hear the three girls in my first period class laughing so I turn around and they say nice butt so I felt my bum and it was real sticky. I went into the bathroom quick and the bubblegum is stuck to my bum so I was the last one class so had to tell the teacher that I sat down on bubblegum and went into the bathroom to try to get it off but it is still stuck on my butt and she laughed and said OK so I sat down in my assigned seat. I'm feeling stuck again but I'm thinking it's the bubblegum stuck on my skirt. First periods over thank god and I realize I'm totally stuck to my seat. I can not out from under my desk and my skirt is stretching a hole lot that bubblegum is really stuck to me and the three girls in my class say do we want to help Kim get unstuck from the glue nope!!! it's more fun to watch Kim struggle to stand up and they are laughing while walking away. One of the girls yell out Kim you got my bubblegum stuck on your bum and she was laughing out loud and yelled love it.

Jan 03, 2015
stuck to seat NEW
by: Kim

I wore skin tight jeans with a nice wedge sandals to high school so I went into class sat down in my assigned seat. It's like 20 minutes later I'm feeling my butt kinder stuck to my seat so thinking I sat down in gum. First period over and I went stand up and I was totally stuck in my seat someone stuck me good I feel my jeans stretching a lot and could not get out from under the desk. Three girls in class walked by and said look at redhead with her pretty green eyes she looks totally stuck to her seat do we want to help nope!!!! I would rather see you struggle in that puddle of glue on your seat.

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