Halloween Pranks To Punish Candy-Free Houses

Monkey Dressed As Frankenstein For Halloween.
  • Ring the doorbell and hide in the bushes before they answer the door.

  • Get everyones jack-o-lantern and put them all together on a single porch in the street.

  • Use silly string on anything that does or doesn't move.

  • Smashing pumpkins is dumb but I thought I'd mention it.

  • Same with egging.
  • Dog-poo in a bag and set on fire on the doorstep to be stamped on by the owner.

  • Turn off the power at the mains.

  • Write on windows with soap. Leave scary or funny prank messages.

  • Stage a huge fight on someones lawn. When they come outside, tell them you need a shovel QUICK!
  • Stick coffee filters to someones house to appear like polka-dots all over it.

  • Throw rolls of toilet paper over houses or trees.

  • Water in a bucket with toilet paper in it can be used to make disgusting snow-balls.

  • Super-glue someones windscreen wipers to their window.

  • Sing Christmas carols outside someones house and when they tell you that it isn't Christmas, argue on their doorstep with another singer that you knew that it was too early.

  • Fry a bunch of eggs and coat them with syrup. Stick them on peoples windows.

  • Tell people that there is now a lolly tax and to pay up.

  • Stand outside someones window. Keep staring at them, even while they look at you. The second that they look away, duck out of sight and disappear.
  • Mix up something gooey or sticky and put in peoples mailboxes. Something with eggs, flour, water, honey, jelly, or the like.

  • Use fishing line tied to a door-knocker to knock on doors from behind bushes.

  • Steal someones door bell button and see how many other houses in the street that it works on. Open it up and turn the little dial to a new number and press it again. (Neighbours have their bells set to a different frequency to eliminate interference with other bells in the area of say, 100m).

  • Knock on someones door and before they can give you some lollies, give THEM some.

  • Put stickers on everyones front doors. Use those coloured dot stickers, that come in different colours and randomly pick a colour to put on a door and let them wonder what they did, to deserve a red sticker when everyone else got a green or yellow one.

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