The Money Prank!

by Tash

Do you have a brother or sister that always gets you into trouble? Well, here's a prank to get them back!

First, you need to save up some money and show your parents how much you have, write a note so that they will remember how much you have, perhaps put it on the fridge or something, but make sure it's some where where they can see it.

Next, hide some of your money under your victims pillow.

The next day, make sure your money is still there, if it's not you know your victim has stolen it for real, if it is then this prank will work perfectly!

After you have checked if your money is still under your victims pillow, run to your parents and tell them that your sister/brother has stolen some of your money, hold out what you have left then show them the note that you wrote the day before and tell them that's what you had before your brother/sister had stolen some.

If they asked you why you wrote a note then just say that you wrote it because you wanted to make sure that none of your money got lost and you would be able to tell if any of it got lost by counting it.

Next, ask them to help you look for it, if they won't help you ask your victim to help you find it.

You can look all over your room if they won't let you look in theirs first, then look in theirs.

They will probably let you look because they will think that it's not in there, if your victim won't let you look in their room then just get your parents to make the victim let you look.

After looking around the victims room for a bit look under their pillow. Get your money out and show your parents, to prove that it's yours add it to what you had left after you had hidden it under the victims pillow.

If your parents like the victim more then they like you they won't tell the victim off. If they like you more, they will tell the victim off VERY badly.

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May 27, 2013
I have a sister NEW
by: Cupcake

I have a sister that would freak out if I did that.
But I would get mad if they really took my money👺💁

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