School Pranks For Class Clowns

  • Shake up fizzy drinks from classmates’ lunches. Put a hole in someone’s drinking straw or can/bottle so that it trickles down their shirt when they drink it.

  • Do absolutely nothing but act suspicious like you are planning to play pranks on friends at school.

  • Write out fake love letters to people who don't like each other and say stuff like, “I want you to be my wife.”

  • Tape down the receiver of the phone in the school reception.Put sticky-tape over the light on a computer mouse.
Monkey Caught Doing Pranks.Sprung!

  • Put a goldfish in the teacher’s glass of water.

  • Coat the door handles of the office with Vaseline.

  • Cut a classmate’s tie in half.

  • Kick a roll of toilet paper down the stairs.

  • Pour baby oil in a pencil case.

  • Tie balloons to a couple of doors in the school and people will think that they actually mean something.

  • Put wet newspaper in a Mars Bar wrapper and give it to someone with no lunch.

  • Superglue a computer mouse (or all of them) to the desk in the computer room.

  • Acquire an air horn; libraries, exam classes, toilets, anywhere is a good place to play pranks on people with an air horn.

  • Tie someone’s shoelaces to their desk or chair.

  • Put soy sauce in someone’s drink bottle if they have a cola drink.

High School Pranks

  • Start a food fight on your way out of the cafeteria.

  • Throw water balloons from a window or balcony, above.

  • Write out notes like, “FOR SALE” or “BUY WATSONIA SAUSAGES” and put them on peoples’ backs. See how many walking advertisements you can make at school.

  • Put old sandwiches in a locker. Keep collecting moldy sandwiches in there. Throw in a sardine can if you want to.

  • Chewing gum on seats is one of the most used school pranks because of how easy and effective it is.

  • Put up signs saying that everything is out of order. Payphones, drink machines, lockers, people, chalk, etc.

  • Break someone’s chair or bend the legs to make it wobble.

  • Pour detergent in the hallway or on a ramp.

  • Glue all of the classroom doors shut when there's nobody in there.

  • Buy bulk amounts of plastic cutlery and stick in the lawn or gardens at school.

  • Photocopy money and leave them glued into the bottom of a urinal.

  • Use a laser pointer to attract attention to things like the teachers butt or just have it go all around the room.

  • Put sauce in balloons and pop them on people with spiky hair.

  • Slip a piece of dog poop or melting popsicle in an enemy’s pocket.

  • Write in a book, “Please return for a reward, I NEED this book,” and put the phone number of someone you don't like as the contact.

  • Superglue all of the lockers shut.

High School Senior Pranks

  • Put dog poop under the doorknobs on classroom doors.

  • Play football on the oval with a few rolls of toilet paper.

  • Put fake cockroaches in the cafeteria, between bowls or near cutlery trays. Maybe near the bins.

  • Put laxatives in the chocolate drink urn.
  • Turn off the water at the main supply tap to your school.

  • Pretend that there has been a crime and lay a white sheet over a body on the ground. Put sauce on their head before putting the sheet on them.

  • Call the school on behalf of a teacher and complain that you haven't been paid all year and what's the deal with that.

  • More commonly known as a last day of school prank, this prank includes getting three greased-up pigs and paint #1, #3 and #4 on them and let them loose in the school grounds. The staff will go crazy trying to catch #2 that doesn't exist.

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