Cartoon Monkey Exhausted.

  • Tape up your victims sleeping-bag so that only their head sticks out.

  • Take turns at farting on the victims ear and lock them in the closet to think about it.

  • Put Deep Heat cream in their spare underwear and act like you have amnesia.

  • Tie your victim to each bedpost and paper mache them a new body. Spraypaint the new body when it dries.

  • Create seasickness sleeping pranks by gradually making waterbed waves bigger. Pour some water on the bed and floor to make out that it's leaking.

  • Shave off an eyebrow and tape them into a ball. Roll them around the room until you feel like gluing bits of paper to their face.

  • Staple the collar of their shirt to the sheet, like a cape and tip their mattress over.

  • Lay a sleeping bag on a large, flattened box. Fold your sleeping friends arms and legs in and rebuild the box around them. Call a courier to deliver your box of slumber party pranks somewhere. Don't forget to leave biscuits and a bottle of water in there.

  • Zig-zag rope across a mattress and put a sheet over it. Now make the bed. Put a bag of concrete in a pillow-case just for laughs.

  • Blindfold your sleeping guest and tie their hair to a bedpost. Easy pranks for sleepovers.

  • Use a ball of wool to replicate a spiderweb over the top of someone sleeping on a bottom bunk. Spray them with hairspray and tell them that with sleeping pranks, good ALWAYS wins.

  • Put underwear on their head and dogfood on their face and let your dog in.

  • Put syrup between the fingers and toes and tie them together. Pour water in your sleeping friends mouth just to see some instant reactions.

  • Wearing a fake moustache, threaten your friends life so that they play dollies with you.

  • Put a balaclava on your friend as he lays cuddling the teddy bear that you planted.

  • Make your friend a drink before they have a shower and overdose it with laxatives. While he's in the shower, steal EVERYTHING in there, clothes, towels, bathmats, and leave a pair of adult diapers.

  • Put canned cream in one balloon. Fill up the rest of the room with balloons. Turn on a fan to get some movement happening and wait for your victim to pop the balloons.

After all of these sleeping pranks, you might need to find a new friend.

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