Shower Pranks

STEP 1: Put a bucket of water in the fridge. (you'll need it later)

STEP 2: Varnish the soap

STEP 3: Put lollies (candy) or stock cubes in the shower-head.

STEP 4: Replace the shampoo in the bottle with some vegetable oil.

STEP 5: Glue shampoo lids shut so that it needs to be unscrewed to use.

Two Monkeys In Shower

STEP 6: Replace toothpaste in the tube with creamed cheese or mayonaise. Flavour with wasabi or hot english mustard.

STEP 7: Turn the hot tap off super tight.

STEP 8: Fill the shower cubicle with balloons. Have water in one or two.

STEP 9: Reverse the lock on the door so that it can be locked from OUTSIDE.

STEP 10: Wait for someone to get in the shower. Steal their clothes, towel and bathmat.

STEP 11: Turn on the HOT water tap in the kitchen to start the cold shower in the bathroom.

STEP 12: Turn off the water at the mains, outside.

STEP 13: Throw the bucket of water from the fridge, over the shower cubicle.

STEP 14: Finish of by throwing some confetti or flour at your cold, wet victim and turn off the lights.

Step 15: Apologise and restore lights and water, cutting only once more.

NEVER turn off the cold tap as a prank. It is extremely dangerous.

If you want to CUT the hot water, then USE the hot water.

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