Safe Pranks That Won't Kill Many Of Your Friends

  • Replace the middle of a newspaper with the middle of last weeks newspaper.

  • Boil all of the eggs and put them back in the egg carton.

  • Tie two door handles together that are opposite each other in the hallway.

  • Prank someones drink can or plastic bottle by putting pinholes just below the mouth hole.

  • Set your prank victims monitors and tv screens to very dark.

  • Good pranks to play is balance a cup full of confetti on top of a door or putting the confetti in someones umbrella.

  • Supergluing coins to the ground in public are pretty safe pranks to do.

  • Paint something with grease and write a sign saying, "wet paint" on it.

  • For a quick and easy prank, use tape on the bottom edge or side of a drawer to keep it shut.

  • Tell people that someone is hard at hearing and that they need to speak loudly to them.
  • Hide every t-shirt and top that someone has, in their washing machine. Jam them in there, tight.

  • Put black tape over the tv remote sensor. Works for optical mice, too.

  • Glue the lids to every pen in your prank victims house.

  • Put fome sausages or mince under your friends lawn mower with an old piece of faux fur, cut up. Ask if he's seen your new puppy anywhere.

  • Put your friends phone behind a bookcase and call it. When he gets close to finding it, hang up.

  • Hide all of your victims left shoes. Safe pranks like this are extremely easy pranks to play on friends and always get a good reaction.

  • Turn a room 90 degrees by moving furniture to the next wall.

  • Fill a room full of balloons. Put confetti in one of the balloons.
Cartoon Monkey Shrugging Shoulders
  • Put whipped cream in friends hands as harmless pranks, while they are asleep. Now tickle their nose with a feather.

  • Prank your friends by telling them to put their hands together, flat on a table. Put a tall glass of water on top of their hands.

  • Throw water ballons into crowds of people.

  • Put powder in your victims hairdryer.

  • Place prank notes on random cars in a parking lot, explaining that you're sorry for the damage.

  • Reset the alarm of your victim to go off an hour earlier.

  • Set the 'auto-on' times for their tv, stereo, computer, etc. Make sure that the volume is up.

  • Unplug the mouse and keyboard to someones computer.

  • Use cling-wrap as a sleeping prank on friends that tend to fall asleep on chairs.

    Like these pranks? Here's even more: safe pranks for kids.

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