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Stop Killing Your Friends
Try These Safe Pranks For Kids, Instead

  • Put water in a plastic cup, stand on a chair and hold it up to the ceiling. Tell your victim to come quick with a broom and make them hold the cup of water against the ceiling. Now take the chair and walk away.
  • Tie a persons shoes together while they're wearing them.
  • As a prank gift, give a friend a present that is small, cheap, tacky and you know they'd hate. Get them a good one too, to make them smile again.
  • Put one of your sisters skirts on your dog and mention how it doesn't seem to make the dog look fat, for some reason.
  • Cut up hair really fine and use it as itching powder for some prank ideas you might come up with.
  • Walk around doing safe pranks like fart noises when it is too quiet. See how squeaky you can get them.
  • Put a sign, face down on a chair, saying 'kick me' or 'I love (someone gross)' and don't forget to put sticky-tape on it.
  • Hide a carton of milk behind a bookcase or somewhere that it won't get found until it stinks. This pranks for kids that don't need to ever go in that room again, after a week.
  • Not the nicest of prank ideas but black nail polish in someones liquid eye-liner.
  • Prank call your friends house and when her mum answers, pretend to be a doctors clinic. Leave a message saying that the pregnancy results are positive and congratulations, she's having a kid.
  • Make your friend believe that you have ordered a male stripper for his mum and she said for him to come home later.
  • Put water in a bowl and freeze it overnight. In the morning, put a little bit of milk on top and sprinkle on some cereal. Tell your mum you made her breakfast.
  • Wrap bubble-wrap around someones passenger tire of their car and listen to the noise when the car moves.
  • A safe pranks to put sand in someones shoe before they get dressed.
  • Put a chair over someone that is asleep and wake them up with a shout.
  • Put someones car key in a balloon and blow it up. Tie a knot in it and blow up 100 other balloons.
  • Hide someones favorite shirt. Works best if they just laid it out on their bed and went for a shower.
  • Ask your girlfriend to marry you and when she says, "Yes" yell "APRIL FOOL!" ...This one probably shouldn't be on the safe pranks page, actually.
  • Plant a tree in the middle of a footy field.
  • Use an elastic band to secure foam cups full of confetti to the top of a ceiling fan.
  • Print out 50 flyers advertising a reward for helping out with a study of wind, by noting where and when you picked up the flyer. Put your friends contact number on them.
  • Find a brown spraypaint can, and walk up to someones clothes line and put a quick spray on the backs of all the underwear, hanging up to dry. Prank ideas like this tend to attract annoying people, soon after.
  • Put rocks and a stick in someones hub-cap of their car.
Cartoon Monkey With A Ladybug
  • When your friend sleeps at your house, wait until the morning to mention that your Great Uncle Donald passed away in that same bed and it took four days for anyone to realize.
  • Stick a toilet plunger to a window that is close to a corner on your house. Put it at head height.
  • This pranks for kids with marbles: Put a heap of marbles or golf-balls in a medicine cabinet or wardrobe. Hold them all in there with a piece of cardboard and as you close the door, slide the cardboard out.
  • Do noisy but safe pranks by setting the TV or stereo to come on by the timer. Turn the volume up and the appliance off.
  • Sticky-tape someones wallet underneath a chair. when they can't find it, ask, "Where were you sitting? it under your chair?"
  • Look in the phonebook and pick an identity that you would like to be for a day. Name, address, phone number. Now go and sign up for all sorts of free offers and home demonstrations and quotes. A good way for annoying people and possibly illegal, but fairly safe pranks. (If you don't get caught).
  • Switch coffee to decaf and gradually make coffee stronger so that your victim needs a few spoonfuls of coffee. Then let them make their own coffees when you switch them to espresso.
  • Wrap a gift for someone (something that is already theirs) and use a whole roll of tape to wrap it up. Tape it to the floor, if you like.
  • Steal someones garden gnome when you go on holidays. Take lots of pictures of him having all sorts of fun (casino, paying hookers, passed out drunk, getting tattooed, climbing Ayers Rock, etc). Take him back with a copy of the photos, knock at the door and leave him standing there.
  • Put Vaseline on door knobs.
  • Pranks for kids that can run fast: Fart on someones pillow. Even funnier while they're using it.
  • Put cling wrap over someones reading glasses.
  • Set up forty mouse-traps around a sleeping person.
  • Get hold of someones car-keys and move their car to the next block. Tell them it is ugly and you don't want them driving it to your house anymore.
  • Pranks for kids at school: Flick bits of gluestick at girls hair.
  • Crack an egg into the toe of your victims slipper for when they get out of the shower.
  • Coat the handle of a hairbrush with cooking oil.
  • A supermarket prank idea is to fart in the meat section and go to a different aisle where you can watch the reactions of people in the meat section, smelling up your fart prank.

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put ketchup in someones drink and they will be saying ohhhhhhhhhh so they will scream it will be a funny prank

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