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The Best Evil Pranks To Play On People

Pull these evil pranks on friends, but only if you don't want to keep them anymore! They might make you laugh but your victim won't find them to be such hilarious pranks. Be prepared for revenge.

  • Put up a sign saying, GET LOST!! outside someones house on Halloween. Put rolls of toilet paper and a heap of rotten eggs close by it.
  • If someone brings their dog to work, take a crap on the floor somewhere and tell them about it. Later on, explain that it was you and laugh at them.
  • Turn off the main power and put important documents in the shredder. Leave it switched on for when the power gets turned back on.
  • Stick food coloring in someones iron.
Tripped Over MonkeyI Could Have Sworn That I Had A Balcony This Morning.
  • Pour milk under the carpet, in someones car.
  • Wet the bottom shirt in their drawer and wait for mold.
  • Hide crayons in your enemies clothes-dryer.
  • Got some cement laying around? Chuck it in their washing machine.
  • Poke holes around the top of their cigarettes.
  • Put honey on all of the moving parts of an instrument like a piano or a saxophone, if they have one. You could always try for an evil pranks record and paint their laptop keys with it, too
  • Rub someones mobile phone under your sweaty arm-pits.

Evil Pranks For The Heartless Villain

  • Put icecream in someones letterbox when they go away for the week.
  • If you are a guest in someones house and they are treating you badly, excuse yourself to the toilet and wipe your butt with one of their towels and call it a practical joke in your own mind.
  • If you ever do a 'take-away-food run' here's one that you can try to get tempers flying. If someone orders a whole chicken, poke a condom inside the chickens butt and deliver it as if nothing is wrong. When it gets noticed, offer to drive the complainant down to have words with the manager. Try not to laugh as the accusations fly.
  • When companies cold call to upgrade your phone/TV/internet etc, give them your friends number and tell them that he works nightshift and to call around two or three o'clock in the morning. Mention that they are looking for a product JUST LIKE that one.
  • Evil pranks to play on people is to get all of your friends to take it in turns calling somebodies phone number, asking for Marcus each time. When your victim starts screaming at all of the callers, ring him up and tell him that your name is Marcus. Ask if there are any messages for you.
  • Put an open envelope with some marbles in it, on top of each blade of a ceiling fan. Face the opening so that it fills up with air when the fan is turned on, tips over backwards and spews marbles everywhere!

So, what d'ya think?

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