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Clean Office Jokes

These clean office jokes may be just what you need for a bit of fun at work. Jokes about the office improve morale, therefore attitude and in turn, productivity.

Of course, more productivity, means more profit, right? I might try that line out the next time that I want a job as someone whose sole purpose is playing practical jokes at the office!

  • Sticky-tape the wheels on your victims chair, so that they don't roll anymore or even just hide the chair, altogether. Put it in the bosses office, out of the way. When your victim comes looking for the chair after it's been in the bosses office for an hour, the boss will wonder what he's been achieving for that last hour.
  • Staple your victims paper together, right in the middle. Put the paper in the printer and wait for your victim to use it.
  • Heat up a paperclip with a lighter. When it is too hot to hold, drop it down the back of a hard-working employee.
Proud Cartoon Monkey
  • Take the mic out of his desk phone or just put a piece of sticky-tape over the holes, on the inside of the phone.
  • Tell everybody in the office that it is his birthday.
  • Download some fart-sounds. Make a playlist of empty sound for 30 minutes and then have fart noises randomly playing, at 10 minute intervals. Send it to your victims computer and play the 'whole track' in the background. Turn his computer up 100%
  • Another high volume computer prank is to turn your victims computer right up and wait. Eventually, when nobody is expecting it, he will press something that makes a noise. If you get impatient waiting, send him an email.
  • For borderline clean office jokes stick a porn magazine in among the important documents for the boss.
  • Dress up as a clown or an Indian chief on your day off and act like you don't know what people are on about, when they ask, "...So what's with the outfit?"
  • Pitch in with a couple of work colleagues and buy a blow-up sex-doll to put in the bosses filing cabinet. Fold it so that it sort of jumps out at him when he opens the drawer.
  • Stick a waste paper basket on his desk and label it "IN".
  • If your victim is likely to eat a lolly that they forgot about and left sitting in their desk, then put some chocolate laxatives in there.
  • Tie some string to your victims chair. have the string going under his desk and tie it to the back of his paper tray. When he pulls the chair out of his desk, the papers will go everywhere!
  • Staple his hole-punch to the desk and punch holes in everything so that it is cull of confetti, now wait for the victim to come and make a mess.
  • Swap a bottle of Coke in the fridge with an empty Coke bottle. Put in it, some soda water/lemonade and color that with plenty of soy sauce.
  • Hear one of your employees are going to other job interviews? Cut a pair of handcuffs in half an put one half on his right wrist. (The one that he shakes hands with) Make sure to put the keyhole on the top of his hand, and facing AWAY from his body, the way that the cops do..

You'll find more office pranks here as well as a bunch of harmless computer pranks, here.

So, what d'ya think?

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