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Sleeping Pranks Just For Campers

  • Lend someone an old, crappy tent that you don't mind destroying. On the night before you leave, when your victim falls asleep, use a sharp knife to cut an outline of them, in the floor of the tent. Now lift the tent away and hide it, leaving them snoring under the stars.
  • With another camper, carefully pick up two sleeping peoples sleeping-bags and swap the two people so they wake up in each others tent.
  • Pretend to be a wild animal, sniffing the side of the tent where someone is laying and make wierd noises that they'll try to do when they describe it in the morning.
  • Bring along some squirt butter and see how much of it can fit in an unsuspecting mouth.
  • Bang on a camp-shelter with lots of people on each side. Make heaps of noise for exactly ten seconds and stop all at once to a dead silence.
  • Pour water in their bed to make it look like pee.
  • Itching powder in sleeping bags. (..very mean)
  • Put honey or something gross all over the floor, right where someone will put their feet when getting out of bed, in the morning.
  • Introduce ants into a tent or sleeping bag, with a bit of sugar in a hidden spot.
  • Drag two campers together that are asleep in their swags and carefully, without waking them, put their arms around each other and take a photo. Works well for the same sex or two people that aren't getting along well.
  • Move people out of their tents while they sleep. Then maybe do the prank above.
  • Fast asleep on top of their bed? Slide some underwear over their pants and they'll wake up wondering what happened.
  • Set alarm clocks to go off at random times during the night in random places at camp.
  • Put a honky-nut under someones swag. Probably the most uncomfortable of sleeping pranks, besides ants.
  • Make up a thick brew of green jelly and pour it on things around camp, on a cold night. Pour some in a shoe.
  • Hide in the bushes with a strong torch and a megaphone. Announce that you are the police and give ridiculous instructions to follow.
  • Wake up a sleeping camper by shining a torch in their eyes and yelling, "Truck!"
  • Sprinkle flour over someone while they sleep.
  • Lock people in their tents and don't let them out.
  • Okay, this camping prank had to be said even though it is stupid, it does work: shaving cream >>> sleeping person >>> their hand >>> tickle their nose.
  • Collapse someones tent for them.
  • Paint an extra set of eyes on a sleeping person.
  • Set fireworks of in a big pot with a lid on it, outside someones tent. Have a bucket of water handy, in case of fires.
  • Sleeping pranks for a sunbather? Write dirty words in sunscreen on them. Don't let them get red, though it is dangerous. Chuck some water on them when you think that they're endangering their skin by getting burnt.
  • Put a baby rattle in the foot of a sleeping bag, or sit outside of a tent with a rattle, throwing a piece of rope at the tent when someone is trying to sleep.

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