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Camp Pranks To Funnify Your Nature Trip

  • When it is dark, jump out from behind a tree.
  • Dig a really big hole in front of a tent door and fill it full of water. Cover it with lots of leaves.
  • Cut the ends of someones socks off. Now fold the ends of the socks up and place them neatly in each toe, in the victims shoes.
  • Steal left shoes from campers.
  • Swap two people that are sleeping so they wake up in the others tent.

More sleeping pranks for camp.

  • Dress up like Bigfoot and creep around, breaking sticks and moaning.
  • Put rocks in everyone's shoes. (Not your own)
  • Pretend to be a wild animal, sniffing the side of the tent where someone is laying.
Monkey Being Stupid
  • Put toothbrush bristles in someones sleeping bag as itching powder. Cut the bristles up finely an use as your itchiest of camp pranks on friends.
  • Bring along some squirt butter and see how much of it can fit in an unsuspecting mouth.
  • Put Oragel into someones toothpaste.
  • Plant frilly knickers in the boys tents/bags. Maybe write their names on them and put a skidmark in them.

There's more underwear pranks here, just follow this link.

  • Make a cardboard cutout of a bear and put it over your flashlight lens.
  • Paint a tomato white and see who wants a game of soft ball.
  • Use a needle and cotton to go through a Mentos mint. Holding both ends of the thread, lower the Mentos into a full bottle of Coke, while keeping it dry. Screw the lid back onto the bottle and trim off the excess cotton. Wait for the Coke-volcano when someone takes the lid off.
  • Tie rope between the bottom of trees, across a walk path.
  • Put mud or water in their shoes.
  • Bang on a camp-shelter with lots of people on each side. Make heaps of noise.
  • Put mayonnaise or honey in a shampoo bottle.
  • Pour water in their bed to make it look like pee.
  • Gumnuts in the sleeping bag. Oldest of camp pranks and still as effective.
  • Lock someone out when they get up in the middle of the night.
  • Itching powder in sleeping bags. (Itching powder can be used for all sorts of funny practical jokes but it is quite mean.)
  • Cover a friend with leaves, right beside where you are telling scary stories around the campfire.
  • Put a pair of shoes on the floor in a toilet stall, with a pair of pants hanging over them like legs, lock the door and climb over the top to get out..
  • Have an empty cup and pretend to take a sip from the top of it. Prank your friend by pretending to throw the imaginary 'hot drink' at them.
  • Put honey all over the floor, right where someone will put their feet when getting out of bed.
  • Switch everybody's clothes around from other peoples bags.
  • Introduce ants into your camp pranks portfolio, using a bit of sugar.
  • Dirt in beds.
  • With a two-foot long piece of rope, in a dim light, throw the rope at someone, yelling, "SNAKE!"
  • Put the same piece of rope in someones bedding and tell snake stories.
  • Throw towels hanging over the door into the shower being used.
Cartoon Monkey Saying Pull My Finger.Pull My Finger
  • Put some canned soup in a bag and make spewing noises while you empty the contents of the bag on the floor.
  • A variation of this, is to put the soup into a bottle and ride the spinner at the local park. Get a friend to spin you as fast as they can and squeeze the bottle at them as you pass.
  • Play pranks on friends by dragging two campers together that are asleep in their swags and carefully, without waking them, put their arms around each other and take a photo. Works well for the same sex or two people that aren't getting along well.
  • Move people out of their tents while they sleep. Then maybe do the prank above.
  • Fast asleep on top of their bed? Slide some underwear over their pants and they'll wake up wondering what happened.
  • Replace bug spray with sugar and water. If it is a roll-on type, try butter.
  • Glue the toilet door shut overnight.
  • Pretend that you've just been talking with a ranger and that he's looking for the car that you have at camp for doing something illegal.
  • Maybe the ranger could be a cop, looking for an escaped killer very close to camp.
  • Short sheet the bed.
  • Set alarm clocks to go off at random times during the night in random places at camp.
  • Sew a leg-hole shut on someones pants or the neck-hole on a jumper.
  • Squash some chills into a paste and put it in a tube of toothpaste. Don't get it in your eyes.
  • Dismantle the flush on the toilet or rig the chain to fall off.
  • Put Nair, or some other hair-remover into a bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Personally, I think it works better in hats because it takes around ten minutes. Don't leave your skin exposed to it too long though, it burns.
  • Better version of the above camp pranks, Put the hair-remover in someones hair gel/wax/paste container.
  • Draw curly mustaches on sleeping campers with charcoal.
  • Shake up fizzy drinks before you hand them out.

Check out this page for even more camp pranks again!

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