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Christmas Pranks Again

  • Use a few rolls of sticky-tape to completely mummify your prank gifts for people.
  • Give a fake lottery ticket to someone, in a card. They're guaranteed to win, but they aren't real tickets.
  • When someone gives you a gift, pretend that you didn't get them anything.
  • Fill up a zip-lock bag with icing sugar but don't write who it is from.
  • Make people have to search for their presents.
  • Wrap up boxes of rubbish and kitchen scraps in Christmas paper and place them outside where they'll get stolen.
  • Wrap an expensive shoe-box and put an old pair of stinky shoes in it. Put a gift voucher in the bottom of the box.
Cartoon Monkey Shepherd
  • Put a rock in a box with a note attached, as a clue, leading to another clue and another, of where their present is. Make the final destination, two feet from where they received the first clue.
  • Plastic dog poo. Coat it with a thin layer of cooking oil, to make it look 'fresh'.
  • Redo' someones nativity scene, using army men or smurf figurines. Make some little K-mart bags up for the three wise men to carry. Frankincense is so last millennium.
  • Sign a picture of yourself and give it to someone for Christmas.
  • Fill a pie-pan with socks and cover it with whipped cream, to look like a Christmas dessert. You could stuff socks inside the turkey, if you wanted to be mean.
  • Buy some huge granny underwear and give to someone in public, as a prank Christmas gift.
  • Stage a Santa suicide or sleigh-accident outside.
  • Wrap socks separately, in their own special box.
  • Wrap a gift in multiple layers of Christmas paper.
  • Catch some live flies in an envelope and keep them in the freezer. (They'll hibernate until it is warm, again.) Thaw out the envelope on Christmas morning and give the gift of live flies.
  • Hide something belonging to someone and wrap it up and give it back to them as a Christmas present. Make sure it is something they'd really miss.

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