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Scary Halloween Pranks

Here's some scary Halloween pranks to pull on friends and make them wet their pants:

  • Invite some friends to stay at your place, at night after trick or treating. Team up with another prankster and play pranks on friends that are sleeping over.
  • One of the most easy pranks is to get a bowl of ice water and hold your hand in it until it is freezing cold. Hide in the closet and have your prankster friend convince your victim to get something from the closet, then grab him in the dark, with your icy cold hands.
  • Hide outside of your window with a scary Halloween mask on, tapping lightly in the dark, on the window. When your victim looks out of the window, jump up and scare him.
  • Paint fake blood all over yourself and your prankster friend. Put a hammer in your sleeping prank victims hand and go to sleep.
  • Paint yourself white from the waist up and as smooth as you can, walk around in the dark looking like a ghost.
  • Play more SCARY JOKES on friends by hiding in the closet or behind a door with a scary Halloween mask on, ready to scare people.
  • Change your name on your friends phone, to his girlfriends name. Text him a scary text message, like, I'm pregnant.
  • Put some jam in a blender. UNPLUG the blender, remove the blade and lay ON TOP OF THE PLUG on the floor with your hand in it, as if you just fainted from shock.
  • Hide your friends dog inside somewhere and put his dogs leash on the towbal hitchl. Ask him to get something out of the boot.
  • Place a fake hand next to a dropsaw in a pool of fake blood.
  • Put a tack in the thumb of a pair of gardening gloves to simulate a spider bite.
  • The old spider on a string is a classic scary Halloween prank.
  • Run fishing line around furniture legs and attach a rubber snake to it. Pull the string with the prank snake attached and make your scared friend scream like a witch.

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