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More Camping Pranks For Your Trip Away

  • Put a honky-nut under someones swag.
  • Shorten the strings on a bathing suit or shoelaces so that there is less to make a knot out of.
  • Water balloons filled with sticky fizzy drink. Don't over fill because they'll expand.
  • Set a mousetrap in/under/near a shoe.
  • Put syrup on a comb or hairbrush.
  • Crunch up a packet of biscuits and throw them up on the cabin roof so that the birds make a bunch of noise, up there.
  • Bugs in a bed, try not to use scorpions and centipedes.
  • Have anonymous fun with camp pranks like throwing mud at someones back, from behind a tree or throwing wet animal droppings at them.
  • Put small animals or big bugs in peoples hair. Tie their hands so that they don't hurt the animal.
Cartoon Monkey With A Halo.Totally Forgivable.
  • Make up a thick brew of green jelly and pour it on things around camp, on a cold night. Pour some in a shoe.
  • Fill the toothpaste tube with icing.
  • Tie shoes together and throw them up a tree, just out of reach.
  • Bring a megaphone camping, for the quiet nights that are just TOO quiet.
  • Hide in the bushes with a strong torch and a megaphone. Announce that you are the police and give ridiculous instructions to follow.
  • Rig fishing line to small objects and pull them closer after telling ghost stories.
  • Bring or make, a zombie mask. Hang it at head-height from a string and balance it on top of a door so that it falls down when someone opens the door.
  • Steal and hide someones clothes. Take their bag and all.
  • Put toothpaste in their cream-filled biscuits, after removing the cream.
  • Lubricate the zipper 'handle' so that fingers slip off it. Use butter or oil.
  • Camp pranks that you remember, are the ones that leave your underwear a mess like putting shaving cream or mud in them.
  • Wake up a sleeping camper by shining a torch in their eyes and yelling, "Truck!"
  • Tell someone to sit with their legs around a puddle and tell them that you can clean up the puddle without them hitting you on the hand. Now grab them by the legs and drag them through the puddle.
  • Sprinkle flour over someone while they sleep. They will wake up old and dusty, hence the name of this prank: Antiquing.
  • Put cotton-balls in the shampoo bottle, temporarily blocking the flow.
  • Hang something from a flagpole. I heard a flagpole prank once, where a canoe was considered fair game.
  • Pour out the oil from a can of sardines and put it in a half full bottle of insect repellent.
  • Make chocolate crackles and use laxatives as an extra source of chocolate flavoring. Maybe hide the toilet paper as well.
  • If you have access to a freezer as some people do when they 'camp' freeze the underwear of whoevers bright idea it was to bring a freezer.
  • One of the more known camp pranks is to lock people in their tents and don't let them out.
  • While scraping the bottom of the barrel for pranks, an oldie is to loosen the lids on the salt and pepper shakers.
  • Throw balls of wet toilet paper at people like they were snowballs or water balloons.
  • The pranks that even your nana does in secret, is to collapse someones tent for them.
  • Write secret admirer letters on behalf of others and act as the delivery guy/editor.
  • Steal someones underwear and write their name on it. Stretch it with your hand and foot and leave it on the mess-hall table to play hot potato with, at lunch time.
  • Take everyone's shoelaces and tie them together to make a rope. Soak your 'rope' in mud for camouflage, in case you need it some time.
  • Cut the shoelaces at the top of the tongue so that the ends come off, when pulled.
  • Take a personal alarm camping with you and hide it near a toilet hole. Attach some fishing line to it, long enough for you to pull it from where you are pretending to sleep.
  • Put a pillow up the back of your shirt and creep around in the bushes like a hunchback.
  • Paint an extra set of eyes on a sleeping person.
  • Milk/cream in the hair of some camper that you think will deserve smelling like off milk once they are in the sun.
  • Vaseline in sneakers.
  • Set fireworks of in a big pot with a lid on it, outside someones tent. Have a bucket of water handy, in case of fires.
  • Make rock-piles all over the place and claim that you're right in the middle of sacred ground and can't leave until a full moon or some junk.
  • Sleeping sunbather? Write dirty words in sunscreen on them. Don't let them get red, though, because it is dangerous. Chuck some water on them when you think that they're endangering their skin by getting burnt.
  • Put a big spoonful of bi-carbonate soda into a tomato sauce bottle and shake hard. Now put it on the table to be used by a sucker.
  • While at camp pranks like a baby rattle in the foot of a sleeping bag, or sitting outside of a tent with a rattle and throwing pieces of rope at the tent when someone is trying to sleep, is a must.
  • Put animal droppings on the floor near their bed so that they stand in it
  • Share out some mushrooms and tell people after they've eaten them, that they were actually hallucinogens (when they weren't).
  • Tie a rope along the ground at ankle-height, between two trees. If you have time, dig a huge hole in front of it and cover it with sticks and leaves.

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