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These are the latest pranks pages that I have built.

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Take a look at these new pages:

Privacy Policy Of An Awesome Pranks Website

Even awesome websites need a privacy policy and this is ours.

Continue reading "Privacy Policy Of An Awesome Pranks Website"

Scary Pranks To Pull On Friends

Scary pranks to freak out your friends. Warning: Some of these pranks are quite freaky for some people.

Continue reading "Scary Pranks To Pull On Friends"

Halloween Pranks On Trick Or Treaters

Halloween pranks to play on people that come to your house at Halloween, scabbing candy. Why should trick-or-treaters have all of the laughs?

Continue reading "Halloween Pranks On Trick Or Treaters"

Scary Halloween Pranks + Pee + Pants = Pee Pants

Laugh your guts up with these scary halloween pranks and make your friends pee their pants on October 31.

Continue reading "Scary Halloween Pranks + Pee + Pants = Pee Pants"

Pranks For Your Halloween Party

Trick your friends and laugh your guts out with these Halloween pranks for your next party, on October 31.

Continue reading "Pranks For Your Halloween Party"

Halloween Pranks

Trick your friends into dying of laughter when you play these Halloween pranks and get more candy, next year.

Continue reading "Halloween Pranks"

Safe Pranks That My Website Visitors Sent In

These really safe pranks are good for getting laughs without getting hurt.

Continue reading "Safe Pranks That My Website Visitors Sent In"

Clean Office Jokes

Play these fairly clean office jokes on your co-workers and boss to make your boring job more fun.

Continue reading "Clean Office Jokes"

Christmas Pranks

Give the gift of "funny" this year with Christmas pranks to leave your friends in stitches.

Continue reading "Christmas Pranks"

Christmas Pranks Again

Use these Christmas pranks to deck the halls with boughs of polony and your family will be in tears this Christmas.

Continue reading "Christmas Pranks Again"

Computer Pranks

Mess with your mates computer and watch the frustratiion on their face when it won't do what they want.

Continue reading "Computer Pranks"

Neighbour Pranks

Trick your neighbours with these funny pranks to play.

Continue reading "Neighbour Pranks"

Food Pranks

Tastebud tomfoolery to turn your victims dinnner into a joke. Use these funny food pranks to cure your hunger for fooling friends.

Continue reading "Food Pranks"

Kitchen Pranks

Trick your mum in the kitchen with these safe and fun pranks while she's cooking your dinner.

Continue reading "Kitchen Pranks"

Shower Pranks

Get even with a wet victim with these shower pranks and wipe your hands of any responsibility.

Continue reading "Shower Pranks"

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