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Car Pranks

This list of car pranks to play is for annoying people that deserve it. You know who I mean, and they will probably hurt you if they find out.

Here's a list of practical jokes to play on someones pride and joy:

  • Fill their car up with beans from a bean-bag. If your victim has no bean-bag for you to slash open, just shovel in some dirt.
  • Hook up a reversing beeper to his headlights so that he can only drive in the daytime without a horrible beeping sound.
  • Car pranks to play in a shopping center parking lot. Write a note apologizing for hitting someone's expensive car with yours. Leave a number and explain that it will be fixed asap. Of course, there won't even be any damage to the car.
  • Another version of this type of car prank is to write a note that says: I got seen backing into your car so I am pretending to give my details. Have a nice day. :)
  • Put black shoe polish on the back of a seat-belt
  • Put some old, itchy, fibreglass roof insulation in the inside door handle of the car.
  • Swap a car key with a similar looking car key.
  • Jack the wheels of the car up so that they are barely off the ground. Put blocks under the springs, let it down and remove the jack.
  • Find pranks to play with a car boot full of helium balloons.
  • Screw a bunch of timber together inside the car so that it is too big and solid to remove.
  • Put dog poo under the door handle.
  • Wrap sticky-tape around the key so that it can't fit in the keyhole.
  • Buy a tailpipe whistle from a prank shop and stick it in the tailpipe. You can make your own by cutting the middle out of an apple and putting into the end of it, a whistle. Poke that up the tailpipe and wait for them to start their car.
  • One of the more annoying car pranks to play on people, is to change everything that can be adjusted, in their car. Seat right back, leaned forwards, mirrors moved, steering column lowered, radio station changed, volume turned right up, heater full blast, indicators on, etc.
  • Line the boot with plastic and fill it with water.
  • Stick a dog leash (no dog, please) on the towball hitch.
  • Stick a magnet in an empty beer can. Stick it on the roof on the drivers side, as your visitor leaves your house.
  • Freeze car keys in a bucket of water. (Good for drink-drivers).
  • Pour milk onto someones car carpet.
  • Fart in someones car and lock it in.
  • Wire someones wipers to stay on.
  • Build a snowman behind someones car or garage door.
  • Let a little bit of air out of one tire, each time you go past your victims car, to make him think that it is slowly going down.
  • Pull up next to someone and ask for directions. If they say to turn left at the next corner, turn right.
  • If you are in the front of a utility vehicle or some car with a bench-seat in the front and there is you (next to the window) and a driver and a middle passenger, good car pranks to play are yelling out of the window at someone and quickly ducking. They will look around and see two guys sitting really close together, in a three seater.
  • On an icy cold night, squirt water into the door locks of cars or put wet rags on their windscreens.
  • Put pet hair in the air conditioning vents of a car. Chop it up if you like.
  • Put soft-drink in someones wiper washer bottle on their car.
  • Point a hair dryer at cars to make them slow down.

So, what d'ya think?

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