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School Pranks For The Toilet Block

  • Make it look like someone took a dump in one of the urinals at school, by soaking a few sheets of paper in soy sauce and shaping it into a poop.
  • Put gelatin in the cistern of the toilet after school so that it sets overnight and can't be flushed the next day.
  • Put signs on the toilets saying that they are out of order.
  • Use cling wrap to cover the top of a toilet bowl and lower the lid. Make the clingwrap tight, so it is invisible.
  • Put dishwashing detergent in the toilet cisterns so that there is a huge bubble overflow when it gets flushed next.
  • Pretend there is a grotty 'phantom crapper' that craps on toilet paper and leaves it in random spots, like on top of a stall wall. Quite disgusting, actually. Get a jar of crunchy peanut butter and make it look like the 'phantom crapper' was there!
Cartoon Monkey Pointing Over Shoulder.Gross! Check These Out!
  • Tie tampons to everything with a handle. Dye them red, just to get imaginations really sickened by it.
  • Find some cockroaches and throw them in the girls changerooms. Fake or real, it doesn't matter.
  • Turn off the water at the schools main supply, then go and flush all of the toilets. Toilet flushing, drinking fountains and all water use will be temporarily disabled until the tap is turned back on.
  • Get pictures of teachers and glue them to the urinal, so people have something to pee on.
  • Put a fake mustache on the toilet mirror.
  • Put a tennis ball down the toilet.
  • Pee all over the toilet seats if you want to be a grotty little pig.
  • Put a crayfish in the girls toilet and close the lid. Imagine the screams when they see a crayfish staring up at them, as they lift the lid.
  • Float rubber ducks in the toilets and take photos of them at the end of the day. Make up a 'lost duck' sign for it.

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