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April Fools Day Pranks To Play

Here's a list of good pranks to play on people, this April Fools Day (April 1st):

Pranks To Do While Shopping:

  • Layby a two-dollar packet of lollies.
  • April Fools Day pranks are about sticking lingerie in old ladies trolleys when they are not looking and throwing in a couple boxes of condoms, in case she decides to keep the lingerie.
  • If a shop assistant asks if they can help you, start crying. Tell them that your invisible cat jumped out of the trolley and now you can't find it.
  • Take women's clothes into the women's changerooms (if you're a guy) and when the attendant says that you need to use the men's changerooms, act disgusted and say, "Well, I NEVER!" and exclaim that you ARE a woman.
Cartoon Monkey Girl.
  • Argue with yourself, while waiting at the checkout. If someone asks if you are ok, say, "SURE! Take HIS side, why don't you?"
  • Pretend that you are a mannequin and move suddenly when people walk past. Tell them it is not an April Fools Day prank, it's just that your shoes are stuck to the floor.
  • Act suspicious and avoid all approaches by security.

April Fool Pranks For The Office To Prank Your Boss Or Co-workers

  • Mentos mints make good pranks. Put a piece of string through a Mentos. Put the mint into the mouth of a co-workers full Coke bottle so that it is not getting wet. Now fold the string over the mouth of the bottle and replace the lid tightly. Cut the excess string, put back in the refrigerator and wait for the volcanic eruption when your co-worker gets thirsty.
  • Join all of the paper clips together in a chain and put them back in the box.
  • Leave condom wrappers around in the lunch room. Hang the condoms over the bin. (Unused, gives you the advantage of still having a job tomorrow.)
  • Easy pranks can be done by color-copying a friends utility bill and modifying the copy by adding extra numbers to the price.
  • Cut a line across the roll of sticky-tape.
  • Use a co-workers umbrella as your own personal bin for the day, disposing of paper, hole-punch confetti, lolly wrappers, apple cores, anything, really. The lighter, the better.
  • Rearrange the order of someones paper pile on their desk.

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The Best April Fools Day Pranks To Play At School

  • Record a really loud fart on your phone. Save it as your message alert and turn the volume up. Tape your phone underneath the teachers chair and get people to send you messages.
  • Ask a classmate if he is all ready for the 'big test' today.
  • Use masking tape to put an outline of a body on the carpet and half up the wall, in front of the whiteboard.
  • Come up with the funniest prank calls for your principal and call his secretary, explaining that you are his son that he never knew about or that you're his doctor and his appointment has been rescheduled, to have the stick up his butt removed.
  • April Fools Day pranks using sauce packets under someones desk lid can't be left off the list of pranks to pull on people at school!
  • Some evil pranks to play on people is to get hold of some fart spray and prank your friends schoolbag or lunchbox with it.
  • Walk behind someone and when they lift their foot off the ground, put your foot under theirs as it comes down, move their foot out, with yours.

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Harmless April Fools Day Pranks For Kids

  • Put salt in someones glass of water or loosen the lid on the salt shaker. Maybe not a good prank for diabetics, they might die.
  • Put bi-carbonate soda in a sauce bottle. Screw the lid on and shake good for 15 seconds. Now cook your friend a pie...
  • Prank your friends by offering them something to eat and put salt all over that, too.
  • Half fill an empty deep freezer with water. It will make it more efficient, too!
  • Fill the toe of your victims shoe with newspaper and watch when they try to put their foot in.
  • Call your younger sister Susie and insist that is her real name. Remind her that you are too mature to play April Fools Day pranks and that you are serious. If she has a problem with that, say, "GO TO YOUR ROOM, SUSIE!!"
  • Put food coloring in the milk container and Swap The breakfast cereal packets around.
  • Glue a coin to the pavement outside.
  • Put confetti in the car air-conditioner vents.
  • Freeze the eggs and ask for eggs on toast.

Here's a page of ONLY safe pranks.

April Fools Pranks For Sleepovers

  • Prank your friend by stapling her knickers together, or burn a hole in the back of them. (The spare ones in her bag).
  • Wear a mask or and wake up your sleeping prank victim. Shout orders in another language and slap them awake.
  • Painting their faces with makeup or textas will make a good revenge prank if your roommate pranks you at some point.
  • Put dog food in their ear and call in your Saint Bernard.
  • Tie their shoelaces together, and wake your victim up, saying "Get the gun, those pesky unicorns are back, going through the rubbish bins again!" ...One of the very confusing pranks to pull on people that have just woken up.
  • Put your sleeping friends socks in a plastic bag. Squeeze out the air and tape the bag up. Fill up a container of water and freeze the socks in it. Put on the windowsill to 'defrost' in the morning just before they wake up. (Dropping on the concrete will get the dry socks back).
  • Poke a piece of Kit-Kat down the back of someones underwear while they sleep.
  • Pranks to play on people that sleep in a ball, put a box over them. Put some breathing holes in the top so they don't die in your house.
  • Tape/tie them in a ball. Start with the knees and hope that they don't suffer cramps.

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