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Scary Pranks To Freak Out Your Friends

Scary pranks can be quite freaky for some people and caution should be used, in picking your prank-victim. Some people have no sense of humor when it comes to being frightened and tend to have heart attacks, instead of laughing.

So ..don't do any of these scary pranks:

  • If you have two friends over at night, turn off all the lights and have friend #1 to make his hands freezing cold using ice and to hold his hand over the light switch. Get friend #2 to turn the light on and when he feels friend #2s cold hands, he'll freak right out.
  • Scare someone with an electric shock hand buzzer and a handshake.
  • After watching a scary movie, have a friend hear a knock at the door. As she answers it, she screams, drops a few bits of fake blood and goes home, never to be seen again, that night.
  • While she's out, she might as well put on a scary costume or a gorilla suit and stand at the window, staring at your friends.
  • Freak your partner out by making a dummy out of your clothes and putting it in your bed, where you sleep. Put a horrible mask on it and hide under the bed. Make noises so that they turn on the lamp and see the freaky looking mask.
  • Gently shake a sleeping friend, gradually shaking harder and faster and whisper really loudly with a Halloween mask on, right up close to his face.
  • Pretend there's a serial killer after you all and have friends go missing, one by one, to knock on your windows and doors. They can go into your shed and start a chainsaw up. Take the chain off the chainsaw, so that no accidents can happen like slipping, tripping, chopping, etc. Unbelievably scary pranks for the victim. Watch they don't go into shock or heart attack.
  • Sleeping in the drivers seat of a car at a rest stop? Have a passenger from the back seat get out and lay across the bonnet of the car. Shake the 'driver' and shout, "LOOK OUT!" as your other friend rolls up at the windscreen.
  • Jump out from behind something and scare your friend.
  • Tie a friend up, one that nobody has met and put them in the basement. Ask another friend to get you something from the basement and deny any accusations that there's a person tied up, down there.
  • Stand at a window, painted up like you're dead and stare at people. If they all look away at the same time, duck.
  • Fill up a cup, with dried peas. Pour boiling hot water in the cup and put the cup of peas on a plate that is wrapped in tin foil, under your friends bed, just before he goes to sleep. The noise of the peas dropping after they've expanded and overflowed onto the foil is sure to scare them.
  • Make a papier mache copy of a friends head and put it on a stake, in the back garden. Wait for others to see it.

...Can't Forget These Scary Pranks:

  • Put on a scary mask and hide under the bed of a sleeping friend. With a warm, wet face-washer, wipe your friends hand if it hangs down, as if an animal is licking it. If the hand tries to pat you, grab it and hold on tight as they freak out.
  • Dangle rubber spiders onto your friends from above and watch the reactions they give. Some people find rubber spiders to be quite scary pranks, it is hilarious to make them jump. Don't do it to someone who is afraid of spiders, they just cry and hate you.
  • Paint evil looking eyes on a piece of cardboard with glow-in-the-dark paint and move another piece of cardboard over it so that it looks like it is blinking. I think you know what to do with that.
  • Have a friend play some screamers on the computer. You know the ones that seem innocent enough and they get you to concentrate on the screen for a bit, then BAM!! ...a freaky picture and screechy noises scare the wits out of your friend?
  • Use tomato sauce and pretend that you are spewing up blood, everywhere. Keep mentioning the pizza that you both ate.
  • Hold a teddy-bear or something round in your hand. Hang a sheet over it and walk past a room, so that your friend can only see the sheet with no legs under it. Make the side of the sheet closest to you, hang right to the ground, covering your legs and make sure that your friend can 'see' that it is in fact floating.
  • Dress as a stereotypical burglar- balaclava, crow-bar, torch, bag, beanie, dark clothes, etc. and pretend to burgle your own place while your friend is in the other room. Make lots of noise.
  • Tie fishing line to a rubber snake and attach it to a door so that it moves forwards when the door is opened. Even for snake-lovers, unexpected snakes crawling always make scary pranks.
  • Change your laptop startup noise to a loud scream and ask your friend to see why your computer does weird things when it gets turned on.
  • Another one like this, change your screensaver to a freaky picture and have a window maximized over it. Maybe even have it say, I SEE YOU or something and ask your friend to close the annoying message window that 'wrote itself'.

Here's some more scary pranks that my visitors sent in.

So, what d'ya think?

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