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School Pranks On Teachers

  • Get a bunch of seniors to park their cars really close together, making a barricade to the schools main entrance.
  • Use superglue to stop your teachers desk-drawer from opening. Pull it out, glue the sides and push it in. No more red pen.
  • Buy some 'shock-pranks' like pens, staplers, hole-punchers that shock people when they go to use them. Put them on your teachers desk.
  • Take your teachers keys and lock them out of the classroom.
  • Sign up for a free email address using your teachers name. Send them emails from your new address.
  • Rub chalk-dust on a piece of white crayon. Now replace it with the chalk.
  • Throw jam around the teachers parking lot.
  • Put Bi-carbonate soda in the dirt for your teachers plant.
Cartoon Monkey Playing Piano.Thinks He's Billy Joel
  • Make a dummy out of spare clothes and pour tomato sauce all over it. Now you and your mates can pretend to kick the daylights out of it, outside the exam-room window or the office.
  • Give a teacher an important message that a kid is supposed to be under constant surveillance then distract them while the kid hides.
  • Have a bunch of friends sitting in the principals office for no reason. Make it really overcrowded.
  • Get some black wool and roll it up so that it looks like a spider. Say, "Oh, a spider!" and throw it at the teacher.
  • Put an apple in the tailpipe of a teachers car.
  • Pretend to see rats everywhere.
  • Stick Post-it notes all over a desk or use them to label everything like chair, desk, red pen, blue pen.. Be thorough.
  • Put a match inside a piece of chalk.
  • Hide pieces of chalk inside the blackboard eraser so that it draws lines when the teacher is trying to rub them out.
  • Do some school pranks like gluing all of your teachers stuff to the desk.
  • Put chewing gum under the teachers coffee cup.
  • Throw water balloons out of a second story window, onto a teacher.
  • Hide the chalk/whiteboard markers.
  • Call her Bill.
  • Put a tampon in their coffee to soak up their drink.
  • Speak in a foreign accent.
  • Have fun with fake blood. Put it on the classroom door, to look like someone got their head smashed into it. Start a rumor that the principal has gone to hospital.
  • Throw stink bombs in the staffroom.
  • Water on your teachers chair. Or you could do the old classic school pranks and use drawing pins or paint.
  • Get a photo of your teachers head and use your computer to put it on a funny picture like a monkey or a Thomas the Tank Engine train.
  • Hand a paper in that has postage stamps from all around the world on it. Blame the postal system if it is a little late.
  • Go into the principals office and impersonate him. Remind teachers and students that it is early home-time today, over the PA.
  • Superglue a plastic dinosaur or an ashtray or something on the middle of the teachers desktop or glue a notice of resignation down, filled out in your teachers name but unsigned.
  • Make a shiny ruler reflect sunlight onto the whiteboard while it is being used.
  • Put some eyedrops in their coffee cup to give them diarrhea.
  • Throw a remote controlled fart machine inside the ceiling or tape it up under the teachers desk.
  • Complain loudly of an itchy head. Start scratching and so will everyone else. Declare a lice infestation and send yourselves home.
  • Have everyone pretend that they can hear a buzzing noise.
  • Hollow out a book and put some kids phone in it. Put the book on a shelf and ring the phone. Stop when someone gets close.
  • Draw a picture and hand it in as a 1000-word assignment and say that it was such an emotional subject for you that no written words could properly explain your thoughts on it.
  • Use a universal remote from any electronics store to change the TV settings while you watch educational movies at school.

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