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Easy Pranks For Kids Under 35

Easy pranks for kids was put together as a bunch of safe pranks that don't really need props outside of a normal household, making them really easy pranks for kids to pull on friends and family.

  • Put a dead fly in an ice-cube tray and serve drinks with the 'flied ice' in it.
  • Put something sticky or slimy, on a telephone handle and ring that phone. Jam is a good choice.
  • Put a fake rat in someones hand or near their face while they sleep.
  • Take the absorbent stuff out of the front of a new nappy and put it in someones drink so that it turns to a jelly.
  • Put some tomato sauce in your mouth and cough into a tissue. You'll freak your mum out.
  • Drop a water balloon in your prank victims coat pocket and the next time you walk past them, pop it
  • Put rocks in the bottom of someones schoolbag. gradually add more and more each day.
  • Make growling sounds outside bedroom windows at night and scratch at the window and run.
  • Dip a straw in Tabasco sauce and put your finger over the straw-hole. Put the straw in another drink and remove your finger from the top of the straw. This will leave the straw full of Tabasco sauce, which is a hot practical joke. Don't go wasting good pranks like this one, on tattle-talers.
  • While eating a banana, break a piece off. Hand someone your banana and throw the piece you broke off, at your prank victim.
  • Prank your sister by spraying men's deodorant all over the clothes in her wardrobe and shut the door.
  • Close to Christmas or birthdays, hide something important that your victim can't do without. Wrap it up and give it to them as a present. Imagine how happy they'll be to get it back!
  • When someone falls asleep on the couch, swap one of their shoes they are wearing, with a different shoe that they own. Or.. you can just hide a shoe or put a shoe on them.
  • While I'm thinking of easy pranks for kids that can be done to someone sleeping on a couch, another good prank is if the chair is a recliner with the built-in foot stool that comes out, go and get a bed sheet from the linen cupboard and wrap their legs to the foot support. If they wake up, start tickling their feet.
  • One more, just for kicks, write WASTED on their forehead with a marker.
  • Wet the towels hanging up in the bathroom.
  • An easy pranks to tell your mum that your dad wants to see her. She'll go, "You wanted to see me?" and he'll go, "No, get back in the kitchen"
  • Use a bowl full of shaving cream and a spatula to make a pavlova out of an upside down ice-cream container and put it in the fridge. The idea behind this easy pranks for kids to stick their finger in the 'cream' and taste it. Will anyone learn?
  • On Saturday morning run into your mums room saying that you need to be dropped off for school because you're soooo late.
  • Short sheet a bed. Starting where the pillow goes:

    Tuck in the top of a bedsheet under the pillow-end of the mattress. Now bring the bottom end up to the pillow-end of the bed, level with the end of the mattress and smooth out the sheet.

    Put a blanket over the bed, level with the pillow-end of the mattress to cover the folded sheet and smooth out the blanket.

    Grab BOTH the sheet and the blanket together (at the pillow-end) and fold towards the foot-end of the bed. The bed should be looking pretty normal now, so tuck the sides and corners of the blanket and sheet, under the mattress.

    Throw on a pillow and a quilt cover and you can now add 'short-sheeting a bed' to your list of easy pranks that you can do.
  • Put some tape over the light, on the bottom of a computer mouse and it will not work until the tape is off.
  • Put honey under a door handle for a sticky kids prank.
  • Ask your mum to get you a packet of smokes when she goes down the shops next. Complain that they wouldn't sell them to you.
  • Make a paste with a tiny bit of water and some coffee. Use your imagination on this gross prank but I'm thinking 'underwear drawer'.
  • Glue a coin to the ground with superglue. DON'T get it on your fingers or you will have to go to hospital to get them cut apart.
  • Freeze a bowl of water overnight. In the morning, pour a thin layer of milk on top and sprinkle some cereal on top. Serve.
  • Unscrew the lid on the salt shaker so that it comes off when someone uses it.
  • Hide all of the toilet paper.
  • An extremely easy pranks to shake up a can of Coke just before you give it to your victim.
  • When someone is on the phone, make loud farting sounds.
  • Pull the stuffing out of a doll and replace it with a water balloon. Tell your sister than you can make her doll pee by stomping on it.
  • Change all the clocks forward.
  • Make up a flyer advertising your mums role in the house. ie: Must be able to cook, clean, wash dishes/clothes and give more than $3/wk pocket money. Stick it up on your bedroom door.
  • Tell people they have boogies on their nose even when they don't.
  • Put shampoo in another container and fill the shampoo bottle up with water or you can be really mean and swap it with honey.
  • Turn all ornaments around gradually, a tiny bit each day until they face the wrong way.
  • Bury a potato in a house plants potting mix.
  • Put a ginger root or a hole-punch or some other random object in your mums bag. Do a two-in-one prank and put in the TV remote.
  • Set alarm clocks to go off at random times and hide them.
  • Unplug the power cord to the printer.
  • Find some huge granny panties and post them to somebody on Valentines Day. Make it from a secret admirer.
  • Put lemon juice on a victims cut finger. Tell them it hurts because it is working. Might need salt, too. That'll speed it up.
  • An easy pranks for kids to call up looking to buy crack from you, when your mum answers the phone.

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put sticky tack over the bottom of the tap. when your victim turns on the tap for whatever reason (e.g. washing their hands) water will squirt everywhere …

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