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Food Pranks

  • Swap salt for sugar. Sort of speaks for itself, doesn't it? Use it for coffees, cooking, etc. It won't take long at all, before you get someone with this little oldie.
  • The old switcheroo food pranks.... Salt and sugar Rocks and cereal.
  • Try serving ice cream with gravy on top or pour some chili powder on cheesecake.
  • Put some rice in an empty packet of Rice Bubbles and with a big black marker, write DIY (do it yourself) on the box.
  • When you eat at a restaurant, tell the waiter that the table next to you is paying for your meal. When the waiter looks to the other table, give the guy a wave or a nod and he'll do the same back, making the waiter think that the guy at the other table knows what is going on.
  • You may even try your luck at a drive-thru as well, saying that the car behind you is all one order. Get out of your car and walk up to the driver behind you. Tell him that you noticed his light was flickering or ask him for the time or something. Let the cashier see you walking back from his car like you've just organized a payment plan together and take your meal.
Cartoon Burping Monkey
  • While you are already at the drive-thru, you could put up a sign saying that there is technical difficulties, and as a result you'll have to speak very loud into the microphone.
  • Use a thumb-tack to pierce a hole 3/4 of the way up in someones can of drink, on the same side as the opening. This works well if the victim is sitting, as it results in wet pants, right where it is funny.
  • Switch the labels on a cat food and a tuna can. If they are different sized cans, clean out a can of cat food and fill the can with tuna. Feed the cat in front of visitors and eat the rest of the tuna from the can. Remember to comment on how good it is and offer a taste to everybody.
  • Alternatively, you can modify this cat food prank by making a tuna casserole in front of everybody and not taking "No" for an answer, invite them to stay for dinner. Get really offended and take it personally. When they say "Yes", get another prank can off the shelf to top up the casserole.
  • Tie a knot in the bottom of someones straw and act normal. They won't be able to drink through the straw.
  • Another straw joke is to poke holes in it or slice down the middle. Some straws will even split when you bend them.
  • With over a meter of 6mm clear hose, fasten it up under a table so that there is 300mm dangling near your victims drink and 300 or 400 dangling from the the table where you are sitting. Poke your piece of hose through the bottom of a plastic/foam cup. When he's not looking, put his end of the hose into his drink and start sucking. If he's been drinking, he may not notice that there's a straw hanging from his drink but the noise coming from his drink as you finish it, ought to let him know.
  • Another version of this is to have a few sucks until you get some of his drink, then just drop the hose onto the ground. This will siphon his can empty and still make that hilarious noise.
  • Mail someone a piece of polony.
  • Carefully cut a walnut in half an put in it, something random, like some smarties or chikos.
  • Here's one of my favorite and funny food pranks, using a banana, a needle and a piece of cotton.

    Thread the cotton through the needle so that you have cotton thread about 200mm long.

    Prick the surface of the banana with the needle and lean the needle to the side.

    What you want to do here, is to guide the needle AROUND the fleshy bit of the banana.

    You'll need to let the needle come out through the skin, as it won't bend around the inside of the banana.

    Pull the needle out, leaving cotton still dangling out of the first hole that you made.

    Put the needle back through the hole that it came from and continue to go around the banana flesh.

    Each time that you come out of a hole, go back through the same hole, finishing at the original hole.

    There should still be cotton dangling from the first hole. Grab both ends of the cotton and pull them through the banana together, leaving behind, a nice neat slice of banana, still in its skin.

    Do this for each slice that you want to make. Watch the looks of whoever you give the banana to.

    Worth the laughs.

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