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End Of School Pranks

  • Cover the hallway floor with roll-on lawn.
  • Grease three pigs and paint a number on each one. 1,2 and 4. Let them loose in the hallway. Staff will be looking everywhere for the imaginary third pig.
  • Organize for students to park bumper to bumper, in front of the schools entrance, making people walk right around, to get into the school.
  • Arrange all of the garbage cans up in a bowling pin arrangement and use a spare car tire to play trash-can bowling.
  • Draw your favorite body part on the oval, with weed killer.
  • Have your school mascot fight your rival schools mascot on the oval.
  • Duct tape kids to the walls.
  • Put food dye in the water tanks so that it changes the color of everything.
Cartoon Monkey In Love
  • Put stock cubes in the change room shower-heads so that people smell like a roast dinner when they finish showering.
  • Fill the school with balloons.
  • Fill the halls with bulk amounts of bouncy balls or marbles. Grease the floor if you want to see people falling dangerously.
  • Hide opened cartons of milk in cupboards, lockers, etc.
  • Put dog poo in the air-conditioner or the vents.
  • Let some grass-hoppers go in the school.

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