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Office Practical Jokes To Blackmail A Payrise

  • Page a worker over the loudspeaker that her gynecologist has an urgent message on line 2.
  • Cover a desk with paper cups. Staple the cups all together and fill with water. Now watch how much joy is involved in getting rid of the cups.
  • Simply unplugging his mouse and keyboard will spin him out for a minute or so.
  • Put some contact or sticky-tape all over his computer screen (only if it is glass) and cut the tape to shreds. He'll have a hard time trying to get rid of it all.
  • If he's a look-down typist, swap some of his letters around on his keyboard.
  • File a piece of polony for a workmate to find. Don't forget to label the folder for him.

Or if you prefer to prank random people, try some elevator pranks.

Cartoon Monkey With A Morning Coffee
  • Put up some police tape inside the elevator across the doors and draw a chalk outline of a body on the floor.
  • Ride up and down in the elevator with ten of your friends, for half an hour or so to make everyone use the stairs.
  • A good April fools office jokes to fart in someones refrigerator or lunchbox. Maybe, drop a good one in their desk drawer and try to keep it in there for them.
  • Put superglue on the ground floor button when you get in the elevator. By the time you get out and someone presses it, their finger will be stuck to the half-set glue. Some other practical jokes could include shared appliances, such as the refrigerator or the photocopier.
  • Print an A4 page with huge, bold letters, saying, "NEEDS INK". Run off 999 copies of it in the photocopier and walk away.
  • Set the photocopier to 200%, extra dark, 999 copies.
  • Tell the person on night-shift that they're not needed and then ring them 20 minutes later asking where they are. Deny ringing them before.
  • Stick vinegar in the coffee pot at work.
  • Change the signature on someones email to say, "Don't think that I don't know what you're trying to do, either".
  • One of the more evil office practical jokes is if someone brings their dog to work, you take a crap on the floor somewhere and tell them about it. Later on, explain that it was you and then laugh at them.
  • Write 'for sexual favors' on all of your company checks.
  • Swap whiteboard markers for permanent markers at school.
  • Turn off the main power and put important documents in the shredder. Leave it switched on for when the power gets turned back on.
  • Ring up a worker on Saturday asking where they are. Explain that everyone else is at work and then go to bed again.
  • Make a collage of a co-workers photo and frame it. Put the frame on someones desk and start a rumor.
  • Buy a packet of cheap pens and leave the ink straws laying around everywhere.
  • Put some ink on the handle of a toilet door or lunchroom fridge door or tap.
  • Blow your nose on a tissue and carefully put it back in the box.
  • One of my favorite office practical jokes is to pin up a list of ex-convicts at your office. They're not likely to tell you if you ask them so just guess as good as you can, who is an ex-con.
  • Call sex hotlines and put their calls on loudspeaker. Transfer the call to random lines.
  • See if you can get away with a week straight of office practical jokes by calling in absent, due to a new funeral, each day.
  • Mark on a calendar how many days a piece of wrapped up fish can stay in the office refrigerator.
  • Send an email to the whole company (by accident) saying how wrong it is that another worker keeps calling the boss a lazy waste of space.
  • Bring a couple of mice to work as one of your good-taste office pranks. Set them free and if they start to be a problem, fix it with snakes.
  • Write someones name on things like their desk, the bosses desk, etc. Use whiteout or be really mean and scratch it in with scissors.
  • Taste peoples lunches from the office fridge. Leave a score out of ten in their lunchbox. A 1/10 could be good old fashioned fart-spray in the lunchbox.
  • Set up a meeting in the meeting room and have labels where everybody sits. Be sure to sit workers together, organized purely by race.
  • Put some dog poo in the microwave and let it cook for 5 minutes on high.
  • Put a sign on someones back, advertising sexual services for promotions.
  • Talk with a co-worker via your local express-post courier. I recommend same-day delivery.
  • Every time the worker in the next cubicle leaves his desk, call him on the phone and hang up when he runs back to answer.
  • Set up an important meeting and don't turn up.

...and what office practical jokes page would be complete without adding the old fart spray in the co-workers drawer, or a page of just funny computer pranks to pull?

If you want to play some more clean office jokes to prank the boss you'll find some here.

So, what d'ya think?

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