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Kitchen Pranks

  • If your mum drinks a lot of coffee, prank her by taking the kettle that never moves. Swear black and blue that you didn't touch it and remind her that she used it not more than half an hour ago.
  • If she's making rissoles or something that gets all over her hands, go and turn the water off at the mains, and water the lawn with whatever pressure is still in the hose. Maybe even give the phone a ring, if you have a mobile phone handy.
  • If there is something in the oven, set the alarm to go off 30 minutes BEFORE it is supposed to. (Setting it the wrong way could burn your house down, so if you don't understand the difference between EARLY and LATE, then don't do this kitchen prank).
  • Pull the kitchen draws out and go around them with cling-wrap.
  • Slice the bottom of a bin liner and put it in the bin. Go to your mates house for the night when it is 3/4 full.
  • If you have cooking spray, spray both sides of a tea-towel and don't be the one that dries the dishes. (Or has to rewash the dishes, either).
  • Fill the cutlery holder with water and close the drawer.
  • Make your kitchen pranks a little messier with this prank bread-stick, AKA flour bomb: Hollow out a French stick of bread, by cutting one end off. Scoop out the insides. Now, using a funnel, put some flour into a long balloon and blow it up, inside the bread stick. Tie a knot, put the end back on and put the cut end back into the bag first. Now you wait for someone to come in and cut into your flour-bomb breadstick.
  • Boil all of the eggs and put them back in the egg carton.
  • With pliers, slightly bend the lip of a saucepan lid outwards, so that you need to poke it with a screwdriver to make it sit on there, properly. If it is easy to remove, bend it out some more, in different spots. Loosen the handle on the lid to make it fun.
  • Put some sauce packets under the carousel in the microwave. Wait for the pop, when someone uses it next.
  • If someone uses far too much cocoa in their drinks,consider grating up some choc-laxatives to teach them a lesson.
  • Turn the control on the toaster DOWN. (Not up, housefires, etc)
  • Use Blu-tac on the pile of plates. Three tiny little balls for each plate should be enough to hold them all together.
  • If you want to be a little bit nasty, consider getting a heap of greasy dishes and making the sink-water filthy. Undo the pipe on the bottom of the sink and wait for someone to pull the plug out of the kitchen sink.
  • Put sticky-tape on the top of the refrigerator door, keeping it closed.
  • Put cooking oil in the dish-washing detergent bottle.
  • Fart in someones refrigerator often.
  • Stick a plastic knife under the carousel on a microwave. Heat on high for a few minutes.
  • Wet tea towels and wrap things up and put in the freezer over night.
  • Leave a trail of rose petals for your wife to find and have them leading from the door to the dishes piled up in the sink.
  • When someone asks for a 'fat-free' version of something, tell them that it is. (unless you're charging extra, for all of that fat!)
  • Put a timer on someones fridge.
  • Put water in someones dishwashing gloves.
  • Remove all of the labels from the food in the pantry and every night will be a surprise, what is for dinner.

So, what d'ya think?

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