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Pranks For School Seniors

  • Have a couple of friends dress up in suits, sunglasses, and ear-pieces to come to your class and Grab you from your seat. Now enjoy the rest of the day with them, at the beach or wherever.
  • Spread a couple packets of flour on the oval, just before rain.
  • Have a bunch of balloons scattered around. Fill one of them with paint or a rotten egg.
  • Play the sound of a woman having a great old time, over the schools loud-speaker.
  • Walk around with a reel of cotton on a pencil. Tie it to a chair in the principals office and keep walking around.
  • Fill a teachers car or office with balloons.
  • Get something recognizable from a distance and put in the middle of the oval. A Mc-Whatcha-call-it sign would work.
  • Have all of the seniors bring 100 rubber balls each to school and drop them all from a balcony at the same time onto others.
  • Make people think that there is a problem that you'll sort out right now, and storm off. They'll all follow you, shouting fight fight fight.
  • Empty all of the hole punchers and put the confetti in peoples lunches.
  • Cover the water fountain with chocolate syrup and sprinkles.
Cartoon monkey holding basketball
  • Put blue dye in the swimming pool. No-one will notice until they get out and they're blue.
  • Sprinkle some flour on top of a classroom ceiling fan.
  • Go to a phonebook recycling bin and get a trailer full of phone books. Build a wall in front of the main entrance to the school parking lot.
  • Get some Fart-Spray and the school will remember the smelliest senior pranks ever pulled, were the ones that you did when you made the world stink.
  • Get a whole bunch of guys to lift a parked car onto the footpath.
  • Hold a paintball tournament right in the teachers parking lot.
  • Turn of the main switch to the schools power if it is accessible.
  • Fill lockers with shaving cream.
  • Put laxatives in the coffee pot.
  • Superglue some locks.
  • Dig a big hole in the middle of the football field and make a fishpond.
  • Superglue the principal to his chair.
  • Get a snow machine and fill up the parking lot with snow.
  • Fill water balloons with bleach.
  • Spray-paint the baseball field. (or use a paint roller and old engine oil?)
  • Put 'for sale' signs on the teachers cars.
  • Put jelly in the toilet bowls. Stir it around really good. I like to make yellow jelly.
  • Bury all of the board rubbers or hold them for ransom. Leave a note.
  • Park all of the senior cars in a barrier so that no-one can get to the schools main entrance.
  • Stick a pencil in your pants and walk around like it is an erection.
  • Everybody walk out of class at a particular time and do something like sit cross-legged outside the window, quietly staring at the classroom window.
  • Mow a crop-circle into the oval.
  • If you are the class of 2013, highlight the use of '13' wherever it occurs. Numberplates, room numbers, model numbers, etc.
  • Call the health inspector and tell them all about the rat that you saw in the kitchen.
  • Decorate doors and walls with Oreos Yummy senior pranks are good pranks to play on people.
  • Pour a bottle or two of bubblebath in the pool. (After you add the blue dye.)
  • Tie frosh together around trees.
  • Take your principles passenger side tires.
  • Wipe poo on the toilet walls. Gross.
  • Tie all of the lockers shut.
  • Write a message spelled out with your state flower. I don't think anyone is allowed to dig those up.
  • Spray-paint handicapped symbols on all of the teachers parking bays the night before.
  • Spread bird-seed everywhere that you want bird-crap to appear.
  • Give everyone a jaffa (small candy). When people get their diplomas and shake the principals hand, leave him holding a million jaffas.
  • Hire a stripper for the principal.
  • Lubricate a grassed slope.
  • In the last weeks of metal-work, make up a bunch of personalized coins to leave glued everywhere.
  • Build a brick wall in the middle of the driveway, the night before.
  • Have seniors sit down in the hallway, during a class change.
  • Poke thousands of plastic cutlery into the grassed areas/gardens.
  • If you have a golf course at your school, spread bulk amounts of marshmallows all over the fairway.
  • Put something big on the roof of the gym. A car or a boat or make a McDonald's sign to stick up there.
  • Throw a bowl of water at someones butt and let them walk around with a damp, itchy behind all day.
  • Swap the jocks underwear with frilly pink underwear when they have a shower after gym.

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