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Easy Pranks To Play On People

There are lots of easy pranks to play here, on this site. Take a look around, most of them are also quite safe gags.

There is also a huge list of pranks chosen just because of their simplicity and safety, so check out these other really easy pranks for kids, while you're here.

  • Put your face really close to someone and whisper loudly about the trustworthiness of someone else that can hear you as well.
  • Get someone a present but put it in a plastic bag and freeze it in a block of ice. Wet the top of the ice, put on a bow and re-freeze. Tell them you ran out of wrapping paper.
  • Put hot chilli sauce in the tomato sauce bottle.
  • Hide things so that nobody can find them. Leave cryptic clues leading to the next cryptic clue.
  • Put salt water in someones nasal spray.
  • Make up some toffee or caramel and coat onions on a stick to look like toffee apples.
  • Give someone a chewed up piece of chewing gum. Say that it is to remember you by.
  • Find a universal remote control and turn the tv off and on, up/down and change the channels while someone is watching something else.
Naughty Monkey Caught Doing Pranks.Sprung!
  • Put hair remover in the shampoo bottle.
  • Spitballs aren't JUST for school, you know
  • Make small clockwise adjustments to ornaments so that they gradually face the other way without being noticed.
  • Turn of the power, two minutes before a footy game finishes on TV that everyone is watching.
  • Put some mayonaise in your hand and pretend to sneeze. Don't forget to lick it off again.
  • Put a fake mouse on the floor, in a gap say, beside a fridge or between some cups on the sink. Hide the mouse and say it ran into someones bedroom.
  • When the house owners buy rat traps, set them up in funny places. Refrigerator, under beds, in drawers. Tape one to a light switch and turn the light off!
  • Unplug a keyboard
  • Dig a hole under someones towel, at the beach. Experiment with different sizes and depths.
  • Put bubble bath in the cistern of a toilet for one of the bubbliest ever toilet pranks.
  • Take stuff that people really love or need just before Christmas. Wrap it up and give it to them as practical joke gifts.
  • See if you can bet someone that they can't find the right amount of tomato sauce to stick a piece of polony to the ceiling.
  • Put chocolate on someones chair or in their coat pockets are easy pranks to pull on people.
  • Cover a small cardboard box with icing or cream and leave it on the bench with a knife. Also makes an awesome addition to your birthday prank ideas
  • Play pranks on friends by putting their shoestrings in backwards. Start from the top, and go downwards with the laces.
  • Put salt in the sugar bowl, just before breakfast time.
  • Put some coins in the freezer and put them in the bottom of someones bed, under the sheets.
  • Get some Oragel from the chemist and put it on the victims lips. Their lips will go numb.
  • Put a bunch of unicorn stickers or rainbow stickers or something on the back window of some tough guys car. Be warned, just because these are easy pranks to play on people, it doesn't mean that you won't get beaten up for doing them!
Cartoon Monkey Pulling Faces.AhYahYahLahLahYah
  • Tell everyone that their zipper is down, even girls wearing dresses.
  • Remove a couple of the keys from someones keyring and put them somewhere.
  • Put a sign saying, 'Push to open' on a door that needs to be pulled open.
  • Borrow a camera and take stupid photos.
  • Lay girls clothes on top of a boy while they're asleep and take photos to show everyone.
  • Put up signs saying, 'Please use other door.'
  • Make joke gifts by having a real present that is small and putting it in a box, inside a box, inside a box. Tape up each box well.
  • Put smelly socks in someones pillowcase so that it stinks and they can't find the funny smell.
Cartoon Monkey On A Pogo Stick.Dooiinngg! Dooiinngg! Dooiinngg!
  • Take the shoelaces from everyone's shoes, fold them in half, tie a tight knot in the middle and stick them in the toe of the shoe.
  • Put makeup or paint on a cloth and wipe it across your victims face, while they sleep.
  • Pour water on someones crotch.
  • Use birdseed to write on someones lawn. 'Birds' would be a good word. Write it in big letters and use plenty of seed. Take photos.
  • Put gel in someones hat and when they take it off, their hair will be stuck in the same shape.
  • Sprinkle some sugar on the ground near the petrol cap of a car to make it LOOK like someone sugared their tank. Then go and say, "Oh NO! Someone poured sugar in you fuel tank!
  • Good pranks for annoying people are to push all of the buttons in an elevator and get off at the first stop, or keep holding the door open for a friend who isn't actually coming while everyone in the lift waits.
  • Put ice down the back of someones shirt.
  • Make someone a cheese sandwich and leave the plastic wrapper on the cheese. Or you could use a piece of cardboard, instead of sliced ham.
  • Tell someone that you are planning some very evil pranks to play on people you know, and come up with some practical joke ideas that are just plain mean and make them think that they are actually the target of some really scary pranks when in actual fact, while they run around all cautious, waiting for a prank to happen, you don't get them at all! This must be the all time easiest joke because the victim is pranking themselves for you!!

So, what d'ya think?

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