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Harmless Computer Pranks

  • Use the Auto-Correct on your friends computer to change words like 'the' to say stuff like, "my" or "our".
  • Make your victim think that their desktop is broken:
  • Take a screenshot of their desktop and save it. Now make the picture their desktop background and hide all of their icons. They'll think that their computer is crashing. Hide the taskbar, as well.
  • Go into the mouse settings and change your prank-victims mouse speed. Make it either really slow, or really fast. While you're there, change the 'double-click speed', too.
  • Plug another mouse into one of their free USB ports and move their cursor around occasionally.
  • Photocopy a heap of pages, with a staple in the corner. When you have a heap, load them all back into the printer and wait for people to copy something.
  • Change the keyboard layout from Qwerty to something else, like maybe Dvorak.
  • Language settings can be changed easily enough in Firefox or Internet Explorer by looking into 'Options' >>'Language Settings".
  • Change the settings of the mouse to be left-handed, by going to Control Panel.
  • Find a spare keyboard, laying around at home. Grow some grass or sprouts in between the keys and bring it to work with you. Now swap it with some keyboard, the looks the same.
  • Put tape on the bottom of someones optical mouse, to make it seem like it doesn't work.
  • You can turn someones computer screen upside down by pressing Ctrl+Up.
  • Mess with someones screen colors and contrast, to really annoy them.
  • Install VNC or Desktop Viewer and mess with your computer prank victims cursor or windows.
  • Download a fake "Blue Screen of Death".
  • Go to Control Panel >> Mouse Settings >> Pointer tab and change the mouse pointer to the 'hourglass' and your victim will think that the computer is permanently waiting on some program.
  • Swap a speaker from your computer, for a speaker from your victims computer. Play some dirty noises on your own computer, with your other speaker unplugged.

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