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Halloween Pranks To Play On Trick-or-Treaters

  • Instead of toffee apples, try using caramel to coat onions and put those on a stick.
  • Have glow-sticks spread around your yard, all tied to fishing line. Pull on the line and warn trick-or-treaters that the killer glow-bugs are closing in on them.
  • Use a spare fire extinguisher to get rid of mean trick-or-treaters. (...or just because you got a spare one).
  • Make a water melon-o-lantern.
  • Answer your door in a hospital patient costume and say weird stuff like, "They were already dead" or "They died of natural causes."
  • Have garden gnomes set up in all sorts of pornographic poses.
  • Keep the empty alcohol bottles after you drink them and set your gnomes up on the lawn, all passed out. Buy some fake vomit.
  • Have a bowl of lollies outside with a walkie-talkie in the bottom of the bowl. Scare people with it when they reach for lollies.
Cartoon Monkey Dressed As A Tiger For Trick Or Treating.
  • Have a pile of leaves covering a friend. When he hears trick-or-treaters close by, have him 'rise from his grave'.
  • Dress up as a scarecrow and sit slumped over in a chair near your footpath to the door. when trick-or-treaters walk past, come alive and creep up behind them and stand there.
  • Give each trick-or-treater a certain amount of lollies (count them out) and then go completely overboard with one, emptying what's left into one kids bag. Feel free to take back one lolly from each of the other kids and put it in the full bag, too. Explain that you mis-counted.
  • Put cling-wrap between two trees, across your footpath.
Sexy Mermaid.
  • Decorate your yard with black cats to walk past, ladders to walk under, etc. Put a number 13 on your door.
  • Get a scary mask and have it drop from the eaves when someone comes onto your porch.
  • Make a Halloween version of a Christmas tree. Hang black cats, bicycles, clothes, wheelbarrows, anything you like, in it. Use decent knots so that you don't get sued for having a lawnmower or something drop on someones head.
  • Have a dead person in a coffin, next to a lolly bowl. Do I need to really say that the person will come alive?

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