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Pranks That YOU Guys Have Sent In

Droopy Shishkebab

Make a fake shishkebab by replacing the stick with a piece of raw spaghetti. Now put them on the barbecue for your dad and when he goes to turn them over, they will be all floppy and he'll be like, wtf?

If you don't have time to do that, just poke the raw spaghetti into a cooked sausage and it will be a crunchy sausage, haha!

Stick Tack (Blue/White Tack) Prank

Put sticky tack over the bottom of the tap. When your victim turns on the tap for whatever reason (e.g. washing their hands), water will squirt everywhere and the sticky tack will fall and get your victim soaked. I tried this on my mom and it worked really good.

Toilet Problem

You will have to wake up early for this!
Get up just before your victim goes to the toilet in the middle of the night, or early in the morning. Spread Glad Wrap under the seat of the toilet. When they go to the toilet, they will have poo/wee on their bum.
Here is the gross part. While they go running off to your parents, you need to remove the Glad Wrap (Use gloves!) and hide it in the bin so you don't get busted. Then sneak back to bed and pretend to be asleep!

Spider scare prank

Basically my sister was totally scared of spiders so I put a massive fake spider on a string and dangled it from the ceiling. I then chased her round the house and into this room where the spider was. She ran into it looked and started screaming so loud that my mum, who is a very deep sleeper, woke up! It was the funniest prank I've ever seen in my whole life!!!!

Cream face

Put cream on a plate tell the victim you need them. Then hide when the victim is coming and splat the cream plate, in their face.

Also, put smelly stuff in there closet and tell them that they smell funny!

Ice shoes

My mom was coming home and so I put ice in her shoes because she was just in Mexico and it is warm in mexico. When she got home she screamed and woke me up in the night and told me off because she thought that I put water in her shoes.

Drink Prank

Put food coloring in somebody's drink and serve but wait until they have a sip! Put some real worms in a bowl of spaghetti and serve it to your victim and then see if they notice what's really in it.

If you only have maggots in your bin, put some in a bowl and say, "I made you some rice" and see if they are hungry. My sister tried one and spat it out.

Scaring Prank

When your lazy mom has a pile of dirty clothes on the floor, hide in the dirty clothes and call her name. (Her real name, if you know it).

When your mom comes in to pick up the clothes, quickly get out of the clothes and scare her! Tell her to pick up her washing.

Broken Mirror

Well my friend and me found a big mirror and we got a block of soap and did a zig-zag line on the mirror. The soap will wash off, but her mum got freaked and she actually swore at us. I used to like her mum, actually but not anymore.

Coin On A String

Has anyone ever told you that they were going to give you some money? Well here is an easy prank to get them back. Get a coin and a string, tie the string around the coin, when your victim spots it and bends over to pick it up, pull the string back.

PS, Hide somewhere so they cannot see the string or you pulling it. Use invisible fishing line, if your dad has any.

Bloody Nose Prank

Make fake blood with corn syrup and red and green food-coloring and use a Q-tip to put it in your nose (or anywhere else).

I did it on my baby-sitter once and she freaked out!

Ball Prank

Hide in someones room. Have a ball, water and some paper. When someone walks in, throw the ball at their face so hard that they fall.

Then, dump the water on their head.

Before you dump the water on them, make sure you dip the paper in the water. When you dump the water on them, put the WET paper in their pants, as well and they'll think that they wet themselves!

So, what d'ya think?

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