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Door Pranks For Tricking Guests

Door pranks can sometimes violate the fire code (people can't get out if you decide to start a fire) and so, caution must be used when pranking people with pranks like these:

  • Use duct tape to tape up your victims doorway and fill the tape with random objects like empty chip packets, drink cans, condoms, CDs, anything that will stick.
  • Glue a pornographic picture to the inside of an elevator door.
  • Put ink on the underside of a door-handle.
  • Stick coins between a door and the door-jamb to put so much pressure on the latch, that the handle can't be turned.
  • Remove the handle from a door, take out the square turning pin and replace the handle.
  • Swap the numbers of doors in your street.
  • Swap a door with a piece of cardboard the same size. Mount the door handle and attach to the hinges on the door-frame.
  • Cut open a party popper (or 3) and take out the bit attached to the string. Attach the mini explosive to the door and staple the string to the door frame. Watch your prank victim crap their pants when they open the door.
Cartoon Monkey Doing Handstand.
  • Pee on a cookie tray and freeze. Slide only the pee-cicle under the door as far in as you can.
  • Stick a bit of cardboard sideways, between the doors up the top of the frame so that the doors can't close.
  • Take the pins from the door hinges.
  • Superglue to someones door, the packets to things like hemorrhoid cream, cold-sore cream, tinea cream, etc.
  • Take the handle from the other side of a door so that the handle comes off when your victim tries to use it.
  • Leave a note from a stalker pinned to a housemates bedroom door, regularly. Mention details that you'd have to be in the house, to know.
  • One of the old classic door pranks is to unscrew a door from its hinges and hide it.
  • Turn around signs that say 'DO NOT DISTURB'
  • Knock on someones door and ask for a hacksaw. If they give you one, turn around and with your hands cuffed behind your back, grab the hacksaw.
  • Wrap a door in plastic wrap and spray-paint your name on it. Make sure the plastic it tight with no holes.
  • Prank your housemate by putting on some lipstick and putting kiss marks all around your victims door handle, on the door. He'll wonder, WTF???
  • If the door and frame are both metal, tack-weld them together
  • Put a garbage bin half filled with water, leaning against someones door. Leave some rubbish in the bottom of it, too.
  • Board up the doorway to your school.
  • Glass door pranks? Put cellophane over a glass door or paint the glass.
  • Take off someone's door handle and put a sardine in it.
  • Put a jar of marbles balancing in front of a door.
  • Install a window in someone's bedroom door as a practical joke
  • Block up a doorway with paper and sticky-tape. Draw brickwork on the paper if you like.
  • Swap the signs on doors. Men's/women's toilets, principal/secretary, etc.
  • If someone is sleeping on the floor, drag their head closer to the door and pranks will happen on their own.
  • Lubricate door handles
  • Put tape across doorways at head and hair heights.
  • Take the latch out of your victims door.
  • Keep opening an elevator door, just before it closes.
  • Block your victims front doorway with snow or leaves.
  • Let's not forget the good old crap-in-a-paper-bag-and-set-it-on-fire-and-ring-the-doorbell from the classic little fire-hazard door pranks section.
  • Tell your victim to put two fingers between the crack in a door on the hinges side. Stick a raw egg between his fingers and tell him not to drop it.
  • Tape up cupboard doors at the bottom and tops.
  • Tie two door handles together that are opposite each other, like in a hallway.
  • Glue your roommates mail to their bedroom door
  • Pile up furniture against doorways so that when somebody opens the door, all they see is furniture.
  • Put baby powder across the gap at the bottom of the door. Use a piece of flexible hose to blow the mess into the room.
  • Turn the locks around on a door so that you can lock people in their rooms.
  • Wallpaper a door, with porn.
  • Expanding foam under the doorway will stick to carpet and solidify around the door making it very hard to open.
  • Put a foam cup on top of the door with water in it. Place it in the middle of the doorway.
  • Screw an 'L' shaped bracket to the bottom of a door and put a screw into the floor to hold it shut.
  • Put a sign on an elevator door saying that it is out of order.
  • Fill a garbage bag with shaving cream and stick the opening under a door. Drop a big flat object on it, such as a book.
  • Drywall the doorway.
  • Fill the latch cavity in a door frame with some cardboard so that a door can't lock.
  • Unscrew the peephole on someones front door and turn it around.

So, what d'ya think?

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