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Pranks To Play On People.

  • Tell kids that the reason that they get headaches from eating ice-cream is because they're not eating it quick enough.
  • Hire a baby-sitter and tell her that both of your kids (you only have one) are asleep in bed. When you get back, ask where your other kid is. Demand a discount for the 'trauma' they caused you.
  • Get some cardboard and cut out a gun-shape. Wrap it in aluminum foil and hide it in your mums bag when she's going overseas. The metal detector will see the prank gun and she'll be pulled aside by security. Maybe even tackled, depending on which airport she's at. Your mum MAY go to jail with this prank, though.
  • Hide crayons in someones clothes-dryer.
  • Clean out someones hairbrush and throw the hair into their fireplace, to one side that they won't notice until they smell it burning.
  • Throw a packet of straws into a fire place if you want to stink the place out in Winter.
Cartoon Monkey On A Pogo Stick.Dooiing! Dooiinngg! Dooiinngg!
  • Fill a garden hose with roundup or detergent.
  • Hide the classifieds section of someones newspaper.
  • Put chili powder in the mouthwash bottle. Now laugh as this prank turns their mouth into a hilarious prank-volcano.
  • Hide a piece of a jigsaw puzzle being put together. Mention how funny it would be, if it were missing the last piece.
  • Stick red food coloring in someones toilet cistern and when they flush, they'll think it is blood.
  • Squirt sauce into the ends of someones shoes.
  • Blow your nose on a tissue and carefully put it back in the box.
  • Put ice cream in your victims letterbox, when they go away for the week.
  • Put a strand of hair from a hair brush onto someones food.
  • Stick some boot polish or whatever you have handy on the earpiece of your victims phone and call them. He won't know why everybody is staring at his ear.
  • Make a ging (slingshot) and/or a glove-gun and load it up with small pieces of dog poo. Now practice shooting at your neighbor. If you don't have a ging or a glove-gun made, just chuck it at them. Don't get caught, though.
  • Get a bunch of alarm clocks and set them all for random times, early in the morning. Hide them all over your victims room. Just when he thinks that they've all been found, have another one go off.
  • Put an open can of sardines under the seat of someones car. The smell will stick around for what seems like forever.
  • Another one of the stinky pranks is to wipe dog poo on your mums cat and wait for her to pat it. Her hands will stink and she'll have to wash her cat. Have you ever seen someone successfully wash a cat after you wiped crap on it? Try not to laugh at all the scratches that she'll get. They'll probably hurt.
  • Put about 50 disposable plastic cups on the kitchen table, fill each one full of water and staple them all together. Watch when your victim gets water everywhere, trying to remove it all, carefully.
  • On your victims computer, enable 'Auto Correct' and change the spelling of 'THE' to be corrected as 'THE @#?!ING' He'll have swearing all over his work if he's a look-down typist.
  • Buy a box of crickets and set them free in your victims room. He won't sleep too well with 200 of those little buggers all chirping and 'cricketing' everywhere.
  • Get a paint roller and some (of your victims) honey and paint his car, footpath, house, anything that needs a spruce-up, for him. Stick a bit on his clothesline, too. He'll have ants and sticky stuff everywhere!
  • Get some of that Christmas-tinsel-type-shiny-silver-ribbon-stuff and throw a couple of strands at a tv screen. The static will hold it there. Watch your victim run up to the TV, thinking that the screen is cracked.
  • Label all of your victims desktop folders as 'porn1, porn2, porn3' etc. Especially hilarious on a shared computer. Try other funny folder names, too.
  • Place an ad in the local paper, advertising your principals job. Leave photocopies of it laying around everywhere, at school.
  • Use a needle to punch a few small holes around the top of a plastic drink bottle and watch the mess it makes of shirts. Use grape or blackcurrant juice if you really want to mess up their shirt. Would you like to share your knowledge about pranks?

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