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Slumber Party Pranks For Sleeping Slags

Start off your slumber party pranks when two people fall asleep. Never when only one person is sleeping, because if the first person being pranked wakes up, then no-one else will be left to play pranks on because of course, no-one will want to sleep in case you give them hep-c or something, as a joke.

  • Put underwear on their head and dogfood on their face and let your hungry, diarrhea dog in.
  • Tape up your victims sleeping-bag so that only their head sticks out.
  • Take turns at farting on the victims ear and lock them in the closet to think about it.
  • Put Deep Heat cream in their spare underwear and act like you have amnesia.
  • Tie your victim to each bedpost and paper mache them a new body. Spraypaint the new body when it dries.
  • Create seasickness sleeping pranks by gradually making waterbed waves bigger. Pour some water on the bed and floor to make out that it's leaking.
  • Shave off an eyebrow and tape them into a ball. Roll them around the room until you feel like gluing bits of paper to their face.
  • Staple the collar of their shirt to the sheet, like a cape and tip their mattress over.
  • Lay a sleeping bag on a large, flattened box. Fold your sleeping friends arms and legs in and rebuild the box around them. Call a courier to deliver your box of slumber party pranks somewhere. Don't forget to leave biscuits and a bottle of water in there.
  • Zig-zag rope across a mattress and put a sheet over it. Now make the bed. Put a bag of concrete in a pillow-case just for laughs.
  • Blindfold your sleeping guest and tie their hair to a bedpost. Easy pranks for sleepovers.

Bonus Points For These Slumber Party Pranks

  • Make your friend a drink before they have a shower and overdose it with laxatives. While he's in the shower, steal EVERYTHING in there, clothes, towels, bathmats, and leave a pair of adult diapers.
  • If they won't wear the diapers, throw in a sleeping bag that they can 'wear' and when they've got both arms inside the sleeping bag, use tape to tape the sleeping bag up at their neck so that they look like a hot-water bottle and wait for the laxatives to kick in.
  • Use a ball of wool to replicate a spiderweb over the top of someone sleeping on a bottom bunk. Spray them with hairspray and tell them that with your particular brand of slumber party pranks, the slags ALWAYS lose.
  • Put syrup between the fingers and toes and tie them together. Pour water in your sleeping friends mouth just to see some instant reactions, but be careful that you don't drown your friend.
  • Put canned cream in one balloon. Fill up the rest of the room with balloons. Turn on a fan to get some movement happening and wait for your victim to pop the balloons.

After doing all of these sleepover pranks, you might need to find a new friend.

So, what d'ya think?

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