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Senior Pranks To Play On People

  • Stick dish-washing detergent in the schools fountain.
  • Replace the school news tapes with porn.
  • Put ink on stuff like a computer mouse, door handle, water fountain button, bathroom taps and toilet buttons, etc.
  • Put dog-poo in someones lunchbox or in a paper bag from the canteen. Tell them that you got them a sausage roll.
  • Draw a maze the night before and have senior students park their cars according to your maze picture.
  • Have seniors park outside a math class and randomly blare their horns.
  • Tell your local TV station that your principal is resigning after 60 years today and to come do a story on his awesome battle with butt-cancer or something.
  • Let off stink bombs everywhere.
  • Pull the fire alarm when it is raining heavily. (Wastes tax money/resources, VERY illegal.)
Cartoon Monkey Holding Fist Up
  • Hide your teachers desk. Or take it apart and hide it behind the door, flat-packed.
  • Pee in the soap dispenser. Disgusting senior pranks to play on people but what the hey? They probably deserve it.
  • Hide slices of pizza everywhere.
  • Use chalk to write all over the footpath.
  • Fill out a few referral slips that you might happen to 'find' and deliver them to people that you want to get out of class.
  • Use salt or bleach and draw a HUGE picture (probably a penis) on the oval with it.
  • Wrap some cars up with cling wrap.
  • Report your teachers car stolen, just before school ends.
  • Hook up a fog-machine to one of the air-conditioners and have the foggiest senior pranks Muck-up Day, ever.
  • Go on strike as a class for something trivial, like some kid getting a B+ on a paper when clearly it should've been an A-.
  • Make up a bunch of school president posters with kids cartoon characters running for president.
  • Build a coffin in wood-work. Tell your teacher that you're planning for the future.
  • Litter your hallways with rubbish tied to helium-filled balloons. Float some old candy wrappers, chip packets, pens, underwear, whatever will float.
  • Send out letters to all of the freshmen parents explaining that due to their lack of attendance, they cannot pass their year level.
  • Throw raw meat in random, hard-to-reach places. Put a piece in the letterbox of the school the day after holidays start.
  • Make a huge smiley face out of anything you can, on the oval. Desks, bicycles, cars, lost-and-found property...
  • Plant a tree in the middle of the baseball field/oval.
  • Turn everything upside down. Desks, computers, etc.
  • Take all of the silverware from the cafeteria on 'soup-day' and replace it all with chopsticks.
  • Pay a homeless man to run around naked, screaming about dinosaurs and taxes.
  • Throw powdered milk at all of the car windscreens.
  • Start a junk-yard on the oval as your muck up day prank.
  • Switch all of the school lockers around.
  • Drive cars down the hallways.
  • Take a car apart and put it back together in a classroom.
  • Make a ply-wood prop of a car that looks like a teachers. Put it on top of the gym.
  • Put hard-boiled eggs in the ventilation.
  • If you have bulk amounts of jelly or gelatin, throw it in the pool.
  • Have a car-race around the oval.
  • Get a cheap piece of junk car that looks like another car in the parking lot. Replace it with the crap car and decorate it with paint, etc.
  • School pranks to play on people with elevators at school: Line stairs or elevators with dirt and plant a garden.
  • Have everyone come late to class, a minute after each other, saying that there was a Chinese man in the shower. Have a Chinese man walk in with a bathrobe on.
  • Put blow-up dolls everywhere around the campus on Muck-up Day.
  • Put mustard and tomato sauce in a water pistol and squirt people secretly.
  • Put fishing line all over the school for Muck-up Day
  • Grease up a pig and let it go. Give it some laxatives if it looks hungry.
  • Tell seniors to not wear anything under their gown and to moon the school at the same time.
  • Write messages on the sheep in the agriculture plot using food dye.
  • Flush tennis balls down the toilet.
  • Set thousands of crickets free. (Buy them from a pet store as lizard food, or something).
  • Set alarm clocks and put them in all of the lockers.
  • Stick kids to the ground with super-glue or staple them to a cork-board or to each other.
  • Set some chickens free in the roof. One of the most annoying senior pranks for teachers but due to the chickens dying up there, you can go to jail for animal cruelty.
  • Streak through the hallways. Decorate your body with markers. Feel free to color things in and write labels.
  • Deep Heat (like Icy-Hot) on the toilet seats.
  • Flog all of the pink flamingos and put them on the school lawn. (Swingers message)
  • Trust-fall on everyone on Muck-up Day.
  • Food coloring/bleach in water pistols.
  • Turn the main water supply off.
  • Glue chairs down in the cafeteria. Glue down the salt and pepper shakers, too.
  • Mow a maze or a penis into the oval.
  • Smear glue all over the handrails and go back over it with glitter.
  • Sprinkle glitter from above and things will still be sparkling next year. Glitter is hard to fully get rid of, so you know that senior pranks done with glitter get remembered.
  • Glue shoes to the changeroom floor.
  • Put syrup on the floor in all of the main doorways.
  • Make a dummy from the lost-and-found box. Lay it out on the oval in a sleeping pose.
  • Write in your teachers planner. "1:00 Yell at Sam. 1:02 Send Sam to Principal, 1:03 Offer Sam one more chance"...etc.
  • Make a mudslide on a sloping piece of land. Give everyone muddy hugs.
  • Put a g-string (thong) in the principals in-tray.
  • Put baked beans in balloons on Muck-up Day and leave them laying around for people to pop. Use flour in a balloon, for even more effective school pranks using balloons.

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