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Underwear Pranks

I've stooped as low as I might probably go and written a page called, 'Underwear Pranks'.

On the bright side, due to many email requests already, this page is being given a sequel.

  • Plant frilly knickers in the boys tents/bags. Maybe write their names on them and put a skidmark in them.
  • Put shaving cream or mud in someones underwear.
  • Do a knickers prank involving a flagpole.
  • Put underwear in the freezer, wet and folded.
  • Steal someones underwear and write their name on it. Stretch it with your hand and foot and leave it on the mess-hall table to play hot potato with, at lunch time.
  • Put Deep Heat cream in someones spare underwear and act like you have amnesia.
Monkey Smelling Horrible SmellYour knickers stink!
  • Put underwear on their head.
  • Burn the back out of them.
  • Stain the front with yellow dye.
  • Staple a crease in the back.
  • Do underwear pranks with Fart-Spray.
  • Put in dog poo and fold back up and put away. Stomp it flat, if you need to.
  • Spray brown paint at the back.
  • Rub underwear in dirt and staple them to the back of a hat for 'sun protection'.
  • Sew one of the leg-holes together.
  • Sew the front to the back in just one little spot about 1/4 of the way from the bottom, to give an auto-wedgie.
  • Dye white underwear pink, by washing with a new red sock.
  • Write 'big' on the back and 'little' on the front.
  • Deliver a paper bag to someones workplace with spare underwear in it. Tell the receptionist that it is expected and urgent.

All The Best Underwear Pranks Involve Skidmarks

  • Cut a flap in the front or back.
  • Use toffee to turn them into a prank lolly-pop or a toffee apple knickers prank for that someone special.
  • Cut a hole for the tail and let the underwear owner see your dog walk around in them.
  • Join all of the underwear together, the same way that you'd join elastic bands together.
  • Glue letters from a magazine to them and make a ransom note.
  • Write a bunch of names on them and put a tick next to most of the names.
  • Put sawdust in them and shake the sawdust off and put back.
  • When everyone has eaten their soup, 'find' some underwear in the pot and pull them out saying, "THERE they are!" Done correctly, this is a gross-looking old jocks prank to do.
  • Make a kite.
  • Trim them into a g-string and put back folded, where you got them from.

So, what d'ya think?

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